Feature Match Round 10: Sam Gomersall vs. Dominik Hothow

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Round 10 sees Sam Gomersall of England taking on Dominik Hothow from Germany. Both players are on 8-1 and with a win in this round must be thinking about making the top 8.

The early turns saw nothing but lands being played with Sam making the first play on turn three with a Krark-Clan Grunt. Dominik replied by drawing cards off a Thirst for Knowledge but was unable to do anything more on his turn than play a land. Sam doubled his offence with a second Grunt whilst Dominik continued to build his mana base with a Talisman . A Terror from the German dispatched one of the Grunts and a Pewter Golem gave him some offensive action. Sam was however able to add a Granite Shard and an Isochron Scepter imprinted with Shatter to give him an answer to the Golem. A second Terror left the board looking pretty low on creatures, though Sam was able to play a Wurmskin Forger, though all of the tokens had to go on itself as the Englishman had no other Creatures. Dominik used a Consume Spirit targeting Sam for 2 to buy an extra turn against the Hunter but a Predator's Strike was, like a Johnny Wilkinson drop goal, enough to see the Englishman to victory.

Sam Gomersall 1 - Dominik Hothow 0

Once again the first play was a Krark-Clan Grunt on Sam's turn three though Dominik was able to counter with a Frogmite. Sam was happy to trade his Tree of Tales for the Artifact creature though and was able to retain the initiative by playing Creeping Mold on Dominik's Skeleton Shard though the German had mana available to activate it to reclaim his Frogmite. Sam seemed unconcerned as he was able to summon an Arc-Slogger which looked to dominate the board. However on the next turn Sam made a Hematite Golem which was in fact stolen by a Domineer from the German. The Arc-Slogger beats continued and an Isochron Scepter imprinted with Shatter gave him a good answer to any artifacts the German might decide to play. Sam tried to further punish his opponent for playing artifacts by making a Rustmouth Ogre but this was met by a timely Terror. Pewter Golem once again came out on the German side but a combination of Pyrite Spellbomb and a Shatter from the Scepter took it down. The Game slowed down for a while with neither player able to take control though Sam was finally able to draw into his land and like Martin Johnson was able to deploy some fat in the shape of a Goblin War Wagon and a Fangreen Hunter, and was able to crash through his opponents defenses.

Sam Gomersall beats Dominik Hothow 2-0

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