Feature Match Round 11: Johan Sadeghpour vs. Kai Budde

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Johan was first out of the blocks with a turn two Myr and a turn three Spikeshot Goblin whilst Kai could only muster a Tel-Jilad Chosen which swiftly went to the Graveyard. Kai's next creature was a bit better being as it was a Molder Slug. The Slug ate a Myr and a Vulshok Gauntlets but not before the Spikeshot had attempted to take down the Slug with the help of an Electrostatic Bolt, Kai however had a Predator's Strike to save his monster. Kai continued to deploy the busty beats with a Tel-Jilad Exile and a Fangren Hunter causing Johan to concede.

Kai Budde 1 - Johan Sadeghpour 0

Johan was forced to mulligan his hand at the start of the second game. He was equally unimpressed with his second set and so would be starting the game with only five cards. Kai was forced to mulligan also though he was able to keep his second set and was able to make the first creature in the shape of a Krark-Clan Grunt that was matched by a Hematite Golem. The Grunt attacked and fearing a trick from the German Johan chose not to block allowing Kai to Summon an Iron Myr that was met by a Shatter. Kai was producing all of the pressure however as he played a Duskworker causing Johan to equip his Golem with Vulshok Gauntlets and leave it on defense. Kai played a Clockwork Vorrac looking for a way to break through the massive Golem. Kai then played yet another huge creature, a Rustmouth Ogre, and passed the turn happy to build up the counters on his Vorrac. Kai played a Glissa on his next turn threatening to destroy the Golem and come in for a lethal attack. Johan spent a long time thinking during his turn trying to find a solution to the board position. He found a temporary reprieve by playing Blinding Beam on Glissa and the Ogre but after Kai played a Fangren Hunter Johan shook his head ruefully and accepted his defeat.

Kai Budde beat Yohan Sadeghpour 2-0

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