Feature Match Round 11: Daniel Zink vs. Sebastian Zink

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Time for battle of the Zink brothers, part two. Yesterday Sebastian emerged victorious over his World Championship winning brother. Would today give Daniel opportunity for revenge?

Sebastian went first and had to mulligan a bomb heavy hand that sadly lacked land. Action started with a Wizard Replica from Sebastian and he continued to peck at Daniel’s life with a Granite Shard. Not a lot else other than land seemed to be appearing from his deck though as he passed turn 6 without casting anything.

Meanwhile Daniel developed his mana with a Viridian Joiner and Talisman and brought out a Spikeshot Goblin and Elf Replica. Tel-Jihad Archers came out to keep the Wizard at bay.

Sebastian cast One Dozen Eyes for a 5/5 beast, went to pick up a counter to represent it and then decided that wasn’t big enough and used his deck box instead.

It wasn’t in play long enough as a Shrapnel Blasted Elf Replica ripped it apart and then Daniel went after one of Sebastian’s lands with a Creeping Mold, trying to keep him away from seven mana. Sebastian brought out a Goblin Replica, only to have that blown up in his face with a Detonate.

Sebastian continued to draw cards that weren’t very useful and then scooped in the face of Daniel’s Rustmouth Ogre.

Daniel 1-0 Sebastian

Sebastian looked long and hard at his seven cards before deciding to keep. Daniel didn’t like his first seven though, so it was his turn to mulligan. The second hand was a one lander and he had to think hard about it. He decided he didn’t want to go to five and the battle of sub-par hands began.

Daniel managed to find his second land for a Tel-Jihad Chosen, but then he had to skip a turn before a third appeared and allowed him to cast a Viridian Joiner to sort the mana problems out.

Sebastian seemed short of spells again. A Hoversail, Berserker (which traded with the Chosen) and Replica looked his lot. He was unable to kill the Joiner and it picked up a Scimitar before giving enough mana for some Tel-Jihad Archers.

With both at six mana the fatties started to show. Sebastian summoned a 5/5 beast with One Dozen Eyes and Daniel matched with a Rustmouth Ogre. Sebastian summoned a Rustmouth Ogre of his own and swung with the Beast. The next turn was really bad for the less illustrious of the Zink brothers as a Shrapnel Blast removed his Ogre. This left the way open for Daniel’s Ogre to march in and eat a Goblin Replica. Sebastian wasn’t going out without a fight as he summoned Arc-Slogger. He didn’t need his artifacts anyway.

Now Daniel was under a spot of bother. He was at 7 life, facing Slogger and a 5/5 Beast. The Slogger shot the Joiner and the fatties crashed in to leave Daniel with just the Ogre and a paltry 3 life. The next card wasn’t very helpful and it was time for a decider.

Daniel 1-1 Sebastian

Mulligans continued to afflict the game. This time it was Sebastian’s turn. Except he had to mulligan again, and again. Sebastian laid his four cards face down on the table and looked at them fairly disconsolately.

It seemed like Daniel might give him a shot as he missed a third land, although he had a Talisman. Of his two lands one was an artifact so Sebastian was happy to Shatter it.

It was only a small moment of joy as Daniel ripped lands off the top and cast creature after creature while Sebastian never got past two mountains.

Revenge for Daniel.

Daniel Zink beat Sebastian Zink 2-1

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