Feature Match Round 12: Dominik Hothow vs Kai Budde

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With the second draft out the way it’s getting down to crunch time for the players. Both Kai Budde and Dominick Hothow have 9-2 records. As 11-3 might not be good enough to make the top 8 the tournament has effectively entered single elimination mode for both players.

Budde has a solid black-red deck packed with 11 removal spells while Hothow has a slightly shabby looking white-green deck with a bunch of Alpha Myrs and Raise the Alarms.

Budde had to mulligan his first hand but was happy with his second. Hothow came zipping out of the blocks with Alpha Myr, Talisman, Alpha Myr and Clockwork Condor. Budde traded an Iron Myr for the first Alpha and had to Shatter the second before it looked like Hothow’s deck had blown out of Steam. Budde summoned a Hematite Golem and started to hit back.

A Soul Foundry looked to give Hothow a bit of mid-game as he imprinted Titanium Golem. Budde Terrored a Leonin Elder to prevent the lifegain and kept smashing with his Golem.

The Foundry was looking slow and the Golem took a couple of big chunks out of Hothow’s life total. When he built up a force of three to double-block the Haematite Golem and a Nim Replica Budde was waiting with an Electrostatic Bolt. Hothow had to tap out and reveal the last card in his hand was Altar's Light to kill the Golem. This left the way clear for Budde to finish him off with Shrapnel Blast.

Budde 1-0 Hothow

Hothow zipped out again with an Alpha Myr, this time Budde traded early with a Nim Replica. Hothow followed with a Soldier Replica and Nuisance Engine that limited the damage from Budde’s Barter in Blood although it still netted the Soldier.

Budde started eating Pest tokens with a Haematite Golem and added a Nim Devourer. Hothow was managing to frustrate him with his token generators as a Raise the Alarm mugged the Devourer. The Devourer came back out of the graveyard through an Alpha Myr and Budde had to hold off while Hothow brought out a Leonin Elder and Scimitar’ed up a Den Guard. Grab the Reins removed both Den Guard and Elder but Budde didn’t seem to have any gas and had to just sit behind his Golem and Devourer.

The Devourer had to block an Alpha Myr and when Hothow cast a Serum Tank he looked well set to win the long game.

Budde added a Pewter Golem only to see Glissa enter play on Hothow’s side. Budde couldn’t get rd of it immediately and ended up throwing a dying Haematite Golem at the Elf Legend with a Shrapnel Blast. When Budde made a Serum Tank of his own it looked like the game might get interesting. However Hothow had an Altar's Light to ensure he would maintain the card drawing advantage.

Budde drew yet more land and then conceded to take the match to a decider.

Budde 1-1 Hothow

Budde’s early Serum Tank was met with an Altar's Light before he could make use of it. Hothow started nibbling again with an early Raise the Alarm and used a second to ambush Budde’s Devourer.

A block, Shrapnel Blast and Barter in Blood later and the board was clear. Hothow recovered with a Banshee Blade and then a Nuisance Engine, but he only got to make one pest before Budde Shattered it. Budde recovered much better as he made the near invulnerable Mirror Golem and imprinted an Alpha Myr to give it protection from artifacts and creatures.

Hothow’s Alpha Myr succumbed to a Betrayal of Flesh and when that also fetched a Nim Devourer back into play it looked like it was all over for Hothow. A Pewter Golem was just icing on the cake.

Kai Budde beat Dominik Hothow 2-1

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