Feature Match Round 13: Sam Gomersall vs. Daniel Bertelsen

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Sam Gomersall only needs one more point to make it into his first Grand Prix top eight unfortunately he has been paired down this round and so is, after a short consultation, forced to play the round.

Sam's deck is less than stellar a point which is proven by his first turn Disciple of the Vault. This was matched by Daniel's Auriok Transfixer which along with a Viridian Longbow killed off Sam's turn two play of an Alpha Myr. Sam has some good spells however and two Consume Spirits dealt with the Transfixer and a Slith Ascendant which threatened to become a huge threat. Sam continued to play Disciple of the Vault's however a Needlebug ambushed one during combat and a Raise the Alarm gave Daniel some creatures to allow him to use the Longbow to full effect. Daniel's life total was dangerously low at this point and a Bonesplitter put him on a very short clock. However an Awe Strike bought him some time and the Viridian Longbow allowed him to deal with all of Sam's Creatures forcing a concession from the Englishman.

Daniel Bertelsen 1 - Sam Gomersall 0

The second game started off with another Disciple of the Vault from Gomersall, well he is playing three of them...., this was matched however by a Leonin Elder from Bertelsen. Neurok Familiar and Yotian Soldier joined Bertelsen's team putting a crimp on any plans that Sam had of stealing a quick win. Sam was able to play a Lumengrid Augur however allowing him good card selection if the game went on for a long time. Daniel however decided that letting the game go long was a bad idea taking an explosive turn right out of constructed playing two AEther Spellbombs and a Myr Enforcer which now only cost 3 mana. Sam was able to Consume Spirit the Enforcer but was having his life total nibbled away by a Neurok Familiar and a Needlebug that he could not block. Daniel summoned a Taj-Nar Swordsmith and searched up a Viridian Longbow and it seemed like the game was slipping away from Sam though thankfully Daniel could only move the longbow once each turn as he was stuck on 5 land. Needless to say Daniel drew a land off the top and set about decimating the Englishman's defenses. Though Sam battled valiantly an Icy Manipulator from Daniel meant it was only a matter of time before the Englishman was forced to offer the hand. He can only hope he can pick up the draw he needs in the next round.

Daniel Bertelsen 2 - Sam Gomersall 0

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