Feature Match Round 13: Kai Budde vs. Raphael Levy

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These two have a long history. To date, Levy has never beaten Kai. He is 10-0 down.
Kai has managed to draft a monstrosity, he has a RB deck with eleven removal spells. Levy’s deck is a mediocre WR deck with nothing particularly special. Revenge or the biggest insecurity streak of all time?

Levy kept a one Mountain, Pyrite Spellbomb, Leonin Skyknight, Alpha Myr, Sun Droplet, Clockwork Condor, Krark-Clan Grunt hand, on the play. Kai’s hand is solid.

Typical to French flair, Levy ripped a Mountain and made the Myr. Kai snapped. Levy peeled a Plains and made the Grunt. Kai Consume Spirited the Myr. Levy was smoking; he laid another Plains and a Skyknight, the Pyrite Spellbomb still on the board. Better lucky than good I guess. Kai answered with an Icy Manipulator. Levy made his Condor.

Budde could not seem to do anything other than make land for his next turn, whist Raphael matched Budde’s Icy with a Sculpting Steel. The Spellbomb exploded, trying to take down Kai’s Myr, but it imploded first when Kai Shrapnel Blasted Levy’s Grunt, the Condor was tapped by the Icy and the Skyknight was Terrored.

Levy played his Sun Droplet whilst on still twenty life and used his Icy to out Icy Kai so that his Condor could attack. Kai found a Moriok Scavenger which dug up an Alpha Myr, bringing his offense online. The following turn, Betrayal of Flesh took out Levy’s freshly played Needlebug and the German’s men swung in, inhibited by Levy’s Icy.

Kai found a Serum Tank that gave him a Mirror Golem that got Arrested. A Shatter took out the pesky Sun Droplet. Levy’s deck had given him a Soldier Replica, another Alpha Myr, a Neurok Hoversail and an Iron Myr, but it was by no means enough. Budde found a Nim Devourer which traded a turn later with Raphael’s Alpha Myr.

Kai sacrificed his Arrested Golem in his upkeep to return the Devourer. He drew and made a Nim Replica and an Iron Myr. Levy’s deck continued churning up sub-par creatures but Kai had drawn a Grab the Reins, which sealed the Frenchman’s fate.

“That wasn’t very nice, Mr.B.”

Budde 1 – Levy 0

Levy, in desperation, brought in a Thought Prison. Almost a silver bullet against Kai’s killing machine.

Levy’s hand was far more reasonable this time, consisting of, amongst other things three land and a castable Skyknight, which, unsurprisingly, made its way into play on turn two. It was followed by a Grunt the next turn. Kai’s first play was a turn three Serum Tank. Levy responded with a Spellbomb and a Neurok Hoversail.

Kai swept the board clean with a savage Barter in Blood. Levy was not done yet, tapping out for an Ogre Leadfoot. Kai would not give him any ground though, making his Icy Manipulator.

Levy made a Soldier Replica, Kai answered with a Nim Devourer. After a Consume Spirit fizzled thanks to a Razor Barrier, Levy asked Kai to play with his hand face up. So Kai did. He had Detonate, Terror, Shrapnel Blast, Bolt, and two land. After all of Raph’s men had hit the dust, Kai finally drew a creature – Mirror Golem.

Levy decided that he was so far behind he too would play the ‘hand face up’ game. He flipped his draw onto the table. It was a Soul Nova. Laughter erupted from around the feature match area – such timing!

Levy ‘Nova’ed the Golem but it was Shrapnel Blasted away so as not to be removed from the game so that Kai’s face up Moriok Scavenger could bring it back. It came back. At this point Raph’s only permanent was a Hoversail. Levy drew his Sculpting Steel, looked around and, in jest, copied the Hoversail!

Budde 2 – Levy 0

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