Feature Match Round 14: David Linder vs. Mats Neuman

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Neither of these two players is particularly well known, although David Linder is looking for his third GP top eight in a row, this could well be a breakout event for them.

Mats started on the play and kept his opening seven, David however mulliganned to six though he had the first play with a turn two Tel-Jilad Chosen though this was quickly trumped by Mats's turn 3 Tel-Jilad Exile. The Troll Warrior dealt the first damage of the game coming in for two and was then joined by a Tel-Jilad Chosen. Some symmetry was achieved when David summoned an Exile of his own. Mats passed the turn and David then cast a Malachite Golem threatening to cause some havoc. Mats stabilized the board again with an Elf Replica. David however continued to ask questions by casting a Viridian Longbow and using it to shoot down Mats's Tel-Jilad Chosen and then smashed in with his Golem which dealt 5 due to being unblocked. Mats summoned a Tel-Jilad Archers which looked to have restored parity though a Blinding Beam from David tapped down the Archers and the Exile and allowed David to swing in for nine damage and put Mats to a precarious four life. Mats was able to remove the Golem with a Creeping Mold but another Blinding Beam from Linder let him attack for lethal damage the next turn.

David Linder 1 - Mats Neuman 0

Mats was on the play and cast a turn four Clockwork Condor to which David could only reply with an Elf Replica and a Duskworker. Mats further enhanced his board with a Tel-Jilad Exile which could hold off either of David's creatures all day. David cycled a Chromatic Sphere but was only able to pump his Duskworker and attacked for 3 which was taken by Mats as he did not have regeneration mana available for his Exile. Mats continued to swing with his Condor which was rapidly running out of counters and when David cast a Fangren Hunter and Mats passed the turn the board position seemed to be slipping away from Neuman. Mats was convinced that Linder was going to cast Blinding Beam when he tapped four mana but the Swede was only casting Tel-Jilad Exile. A Wurmskin Forger made Mats's Exile into a 5/6 regenerator which is a big guy in any format, however on his next turn David did indeed cast Blinding Beam allowing him to smash in for six. This left Mats needing a blocker which he found in the shape of Rust Elemental but with only one other artifact in play it is a creature that could well backfire on its owner. David deliberated long and hard about his turn until prompted by the table judge to make a move he swung in with all of his men. Mats traded his Rust Elemental with the Fangren Hunter and dropped to three life and when David dropped a Viridian Longbow with eight land in play things were looking bleak. However a Nuisance Engine and a Creeping Mold on the Longbow brought Mats back into the game a little and after David's next attack which brought him down to 1 life he looked very much as if he had the board, if nothing else, stable. This state of affairs did not last too long as David played a Malachite Golem to give him a huge trampling threat and despite some fun with Predator's Strike it trampled over for the last point of damage.

David Linder beats Mats Neuman 2-0

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