Feature Match Round 3: Mark Ziegner vs. Olle Rade

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It’s round three, most of the Pro Players haven’t even started playing yet and here we have a World Championship Runner-up (Ziegner) versus a Pro Tour Champion (Olle Rade). Tough draw.

Ziegner opened with a lot of swamps and a Mask of Memory while Rade dropped three different colour lands (blue, green, white). The Swede commenced hostilities with a Tel-Jilad Chosen and dropped everybody’s nightmare uncommon: Loxodon Warhammer.

Ziegner looked to the skies for an answer as he equipped a Nim Shrieker with Mask of Memory and started rifling through his deck. Rade found a Tel-Jilad Exile to stick the Warhammer on, but a Terror prevented it from troubling Ziegner’s Lifetotal.

The Swede’s deck kept dropping bombs as he followed Empyrial Plate with Triskelion. Ziegner was far from lying down though. He summoned a Woebearer and sent an Electrostatic Bolt at the Triskelion. Rade had to use the counters to kill the Woebearer, otherwise it would just fetch the Shrieker back. Even that failed as the German saved it with a Predator's Strike.

Despite all the broken cards Rade just didn’t seem to be in the game. Ziegner’s Woebearer and Masked Shrieker were combo’ing so that the German was getting all the cards he drew with the mask.

Rade summoned a Cobalt Golem and gave it the Warhammer, but even that failed to stick as an Irradiate sent that to the graveyard and gave Ziegner the first game.

Ziegner 1-0 Rade

Rade chose to draw again and perversely his deck gave him the aggro opening of two Tel-Jilad Chosen and a Bonesplitter. Ziegner couldn’t really do a great deal about with his two Myr and Goblin Replica. He summoned an Altar of Shadows that couldn’t touch them either.

Rade finally found something that would take up the Bonesplitter as a Tel-Jilad Exile charged in. He added to the pressure with a Cobolt Golem.

Ziegner was on 6 life. He didn’t have time to use the altar. He had to summon a Troll Ascetic to trade with a Chosen and use the Replica to take down the Cobalt Golem. Fortunately for the German Rade looked to have run out of gas.

The Chosen knocked Ziegner to a precarious two but once an Irradiate got rid of that nuisance the German looked to be in control. Rade had no creatures while Ziegner had an active Altar. The German summoned Woebearer and Tel-Jilad Archers and went on the offensive.

Rade tried to overload the Altar, summoning Iron Myr and Sombre Hoverguard.

Ziegner had to think carefully as Rade had a Warhammer to give trample and a flier. He cast Predator's Strike to pump up the Woebearer and sent it in. Rade let it through and Ziegner got back the Replica.

Rade summoned a Triskelion. Ziegner was at two life, but Rade didn’t use the Triskelion immediately. He attacked first. Resignedly Ziegner blocked and sac’ed the Replica to destroy the Warhammer, having to tap out in the process. He waited for the deathblow.

It didn’t come. Ziegner untapped, used the Altar, waited. Rade shot the Woebearer. He hadn’t spotted it!

The German had got out jail!

Unfortunately it was only temporary. A Plated Slagwurm appeared that Ziegner couldn’t target and his own Altar finished him off when he ran out of things to cast or kill.

Ziegner 1-1 Rade

Ziegner chose to go first and was unhappy to have to send his hand back. He still got off to a flier as Electrostatic Bolt and Irradiate sent Rade’s first creatures to the bin and he started beating with a Goblin War Wagon and Woebearer. It looked good for the German, but then Rade brought out Loxodon Warhammer and put it on a Cobalt Golem. With no removal in hand Ziegner had to try and race. Trying to race someone who’s gaining 5 life a turn isn’t easy though. Then a Triskelion appeared and it was irrelevant whether Rade remembered it could damage players or not.

Olle Rade beat Mark Ziegner 2-1

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