Feature Match Round 6: Daniel Zink vs Sebastian Zink

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I dunno, sometimes you travel all the way to Sweden only to end up being paired against your brother.

In a twist of fate round 6 saw the two Zink brothers from Germany paired up against each other. Sebastian didn’t feel too confident about this matchup. When your brother is the current World Champion this is understandable, but they’d also played each other for practice during the byes and Daniel was 5-1 up.

Daniel won the die roll and went first. Both players had turn two mana myrs but Daniel had nothing to ramp into, only a Cathodion and so snuck in for a cheeky point of damage. Sebastian managed to ramp into a much more impressive Myr Enforcer, but only for Daniel to match it with a Fangren Hunter. The two 4/4’s traded but a few turns later it was Daniel who had an Enforcer and Sebastian a Fangren Hunter. The game deadlocked for a while before Sebastian broke it with an Electrostatic Bolt on the Enforcer, allowing his Hunter space to come in. He followed it up with Wizard Replica and then a Triskelion.

Daniel, having drawn a bunch of land, packed it in and moved onto the next game.

Sebastian Zink 1-0 Daniel Zink

“I’m confident I can get lucky one more time.” – Sebastian.

“I think you should mulligan that hand,” Sebastian said as they started game 2. He could have been right as Daniel didn’t cast a creature until a Tel-Jilad Exile appeared on turn 4. But as he’d brought out Vulshok Battlegear the turn before the Troll was still a substantial threat.

Sebastian was happily smashing back through the skies with a Scimitar-equipped Skyhunter Cub. A Scythe of the Wretched appeared and made a Soldier Replica bigger.
From here it started to go wrong as a Terror took down the Cub and then a Rustspore Ram smashed the Scythe.

Sebastian stopped the slide with Trolls of Tel-Jihad and then mounted offense of his own when Daniel tapped all but one forest for a Shrieker. Daniel had a Battlegrowth though and Sebastian had to use his Soldier Replica to get rid of the Exile.

The game wasn’t looking good for Sebastian. He was on 5 life and Daniel had both Nim Shrieker and Vulshok Battlegear. He did have a Soul Nova though, but unfortunately his brother knew there was one in his deck and so sent the Shrieker in unequipped. The hunch was correct and so Daniel only lost the Shrieker to the Nova.

An attack back with the big Troll took Daniel down to 6 and suddenly it was developing into a nail-biter with the life totals standing at 6-4. Despite the lower life total it was Sebastian who looked to have the advantage as he summoned a Fangren Hunter.

Next turn the big green monsters steamed in. Daniel tried to put the equipped Ram in the way of the Hunter only for an Electrostatic Bolt to finish it off. Now Daniel was facing down the regenerating big green monsters with nothing. He used a Moriok Scavenger to mount some kind of defence. A top-decked Bonesplitter inflicted the final indignity as an equipped Myr squeaked round the edges to inflict the final damage.

And that’s how the battle of the Zink brothers was won. With a Myr carrying an axe.

Sebastian Zink beat Daniel Zink 2-0

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