Feature Match Round 7: Raphael Levy vs. Anton Jonsson

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These two Pro Tour veterans are sitting pretty at 6-0 and would most likely make day two even if they were to lose the remaining two rounds however these players are not just here to make up the numbers on day two, they have designs on winning the whole thing.
Anton mulliganned his opening hand but came out fast with a turn two Slith Firewalker Raphael not one to be outdone answered straight back with a firewalker of his own. Anton pondered for a moment and decided to race and then added a Tel-Jilad Chosen as a potential blocker. Raphael however had his turn 1 play of Leonin Scimitar to punch past that problem and played an Atog to turn the board position further into his favour. Anton deliberated long and hard before swinging in with his Chosen and Raphael chose that 2 damage was less important to him than either of his artifacts. Anton then added a Duskworker to bolster his offensive team. Raphael was stuck on three land and was unable to deploy anything more powerful than an Alpha Myr on his turn. A Detonate on a Vault of Shadows was in his own words 'not nice' but he was able to draw another mountain and play a Crystal Shard though with no blue mana as yet to make it more efficient. Anton felt that he had to react and sent the Duskworker into the red Zone. This attack was followed up with Atog's bigger brother Megatog however Anton had only the one artifact in play with which to pump up his new found beast. Raphael attacked on his next turn with his Slith Firewalker which provoked Anton to block with the Megatog. A Grab the Reins later the Megatog, Duskworker and the Firewalker were all in the bin. Anton's side of the board was looking a bit spartan so he bolstered his forces with a Spikeshot Goblin which seems to be an accessory that every 8-0 wannabe deck needs. The Goblin got some support from a Dragon Blood that threatened to make the goblin into a savage beast but it was destroyed by a Shatter. This lead to a Sculpting Steel which ended up copying nothing after Raphael sacrificed all his artifacts to a Krark-Clan Grunt. The board was still very much in Anton's favour being a Spikeshot, Wizard Replica and Tel Jilad Archers to Raphael’s nothing. Shortly afterwards the Frenchman conceded.

Anton Jonsson 1- Raphael Levy 0

Anton once again came out of the blocks fast with a turn two Slith Firewalker, though Raphael came right back with a Neurok Spy that whilst unblockable looked quite small next to the rapidly growing Slith. The very next turn the Spy chump blocked the Firewalker and an Irradiate finished it off. A Somber Hoverguard gave Raphael some offence but a Goblin Replica and a Sculpting Steel copying the Replica got the Swede back into the race. Both players agreed that irradiating the Slith was probably a mistake as Raphael could have just traded the turn before without needing to use the black spell. The Frenchman came right back with a Krark-Clan Grunt and a Goblin War Wagon, the Wagon being Detonated though the Frenchman managed to avoid taking damage from the Detonate by sacrificing the Wagon before it resolved. Anton tried to press his advantage with a Clockwork Vorrac however this was targeted by a Grab the Reins and then sacrificed to the Grunt. Anton was not to be denied however and played out his last card a Goblin Dirigible. He then attacked with everything which looked questionable as the attack back would kill him but the card he had drawn was a Tel-Jilad Archers which was to say the least a little lucky!!! Raphael was only able to sigh as he made his Spikeshot Goblin as a chump blocker and then obviously drew the Lenonin scimitar on the final turn that would have allowed him to kill Anton, who was on only two life. If only his Spikeshot Goblin were not now in the Graveyard.

Anton Jonsson 2 - Raphael Levy 0

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