Feature Match Round 9: Jens Thoren vs. Tuomo Nieminen

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This round 9 feature match has two Scandinavian stars, both 8-0.
Jens Thoren, twice PT finalist and invitational champion is running a WR full of removal deck. His opponent, Tuomo Nieminen from Finland, recently top 8’ed at Worlds individually and reached the final in the team competition. He is running a GR deck with good creatures but a Bolt as the only removal.

Jens played first and Tuomo chose to mulligan. Vulshok Berserker responded to Nieminen's Spikeshot Goblin, but on the turn after Tuomo cast Battlegrowth on his goblin and gets rid of the 3/2. However, at this point Tuomo’s problems were just starting, as Jens played a three toughness creature on every turn until the end of the game. A Serum Tank on Jens’ side, ensuring the Swede would win if the game had to last, left Tuomo with only two possibilities.
The first one was to try and trick Jens by pumping his goblin again after blocking, this way he could have killed two creatures. Unfortunately Tuomo's Strike was met with Jens' Shrapnel Blast. The second one, and the only possibility left at this point was to race. In this game, having only big creatures on the board and removal in hand don’t leave your opponent many chances, and Arrest and Electrostatic Bolt made the difference for Jens.

Thoren 1 Nieminen 0

There was a strong start from both players in the second game, as Tuomo’s turn three Cathodion was immediately followed by Vulshok Berserker. But despite this good start and the two Predator's Strike he had in hand there was not much he could do here.

Once again Jens responded with Shrapnel Blast to Predator's Strike. If at this point Nieminen had had a second green mana, he could have trampled the Myr and deal 9 damage to Jens who would finish at ... 9. The other reason why Jens could hardly lose this game was that despite his deck being supposedly quite slow, he opened with 2 Myrs and Spikeshot in the first three turns.

Then once again he played a couple of big guys which, considering the amount of removal he was playing (triple Bolt, Arrest...) and the Serum Tank that arrived next turn, didn’t leave Nieminen a chance. As in the previous game Tuomo tried to race Jens desperately, with the same result.

Thoren 2 Nieminen 0

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