Quarterfinals: Jelger Wiegersma vs. Benjamin Lindqvist

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Here we are facing a prime example of an amateur – veteran match-up. The established pro here is Jelger Wiegersma in what seems to be his millionth GP top 8. Since we all know Jelger I should probably focus on introducing Ben to you, the Swedish amateur here at the table. Ben, already pocketing $1,500 with his amateur status, is actually a 19-year old student living here in Gothenburg and liked to try his hand at another Grand Prix. Even after starting out with a game loss for being late it seems that worked out pretty well.

Both players drafted White/Green but Benjamin is also splashing some red cards. While Jelger’s deck is your average white ‘equipment and guys that are good with it’ deck highlighted with Icy Manipulator and Mask of Memory. Ben’s deck has to win with the bombs that he got: Luminous Angel and Solar Tide.

Benjamin wins the krone flip and starts with a Den-Guard. It’s quickly outclassed by Jelger’s Skyhunter Cub and Patrol, with Ben still developing his mana with a Journey of Discovery. He still has the Den-Guard as his only creature while Jelger is curving on with Fangren Hunter and some random equipment. Ogre Leadfoot is not the Wrath Benjamin needs here and he quickly succumbs to the beats.

Wiegersma 1-0 Lindqvist

The second game starts more interesting with both players playing Myrs. Ben doesn’t draw much more action except for a Pearl Shard while Jelger comes out strong with Viridian Shaman (on the Myr), Skyhunter Cub and Titanium Golem. Ogre Leadfoot is the only defense Ben can muster being stuck with some more expensive spells in hand. Icy Manipulator comes down and clears the way for Jelger’s army to eat away Ben’s life total. The Shard can only delay so much and when nothing else comes it’s all over.

Final Result: Jelger Wiegersma defeats Benjamin Lindqvist 2-0

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