Quarterfinals: Daniel Zink vs Daniel Bertelsen

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This matchup pits two Daniels against one another, current World Champion Daniel Zink versus the relatively unknown Bertelsen. Bertelsen is not too impressed with how the draft had gone and as such Daniel Zink must be the favorite going into the match.

Bertelsen made the first play with a turn one Steel Wall whilst Zink matched him with an Iron Myr. Bertelsen made the first aggressive play with a Neurok Spy which was dispatched by an Electrostatic Bolt at the end of turn Zink then made a Somber Hoverguard. Bertelsen was only able to muster a Bottle Gnomes on his turn whilst Zink was able to play a Leonin Scimitar and a Vulshok Berserker. Bertelsen played his own Hoverguard in an effort to stop the ariel beatings. The Vulshok Berserker was equipped by the Scimitar and entered the red zone along with the Hoverguard but Bertelsen could not be drawn into blocking choosing to take the seven damage instead. Bottle Gnomes swung back signaling a race that was heavily in Zink’s favor. Zink swung in again with the Berserker and the Hoverguard however this time Bertelsen was able to block and save his Hoverguard by means of a Predator's Strike. A Looming Hoverguard swung the tempo battle back in favor of Bertelsen as it returned Zink's freshly summoned Clockwork Condor to the top of his library. Bertelsen was however on a dangerously low life total and was forced to block the Berserker with his Steel Wall. Bertelsen tried to increase his flying pressure with a Cobalt Golem but this was met by an Annul and something of a creature stall developed. The scimitar moved from the Berserker to the Condor and both creatures entered the red zone forcing Bertelsen into some difficult blocking choices. He chose to double block the Condor trading his Looming Hoverguard for the Condor and taking the damage from the Berserker dropping him to two life although he still had a Bottle Gnomes in play to help him out if needed. The Berserker attacked once more and was blocked by the Hoverguard both players used copies of Regress from their hand to save their creatures. Bertelsen was the first to get he chance to remake his forces playing his Somber Hoverguard again and augmenting his troops with a Tel-Jilad Exile. Zink however had a Spikeshot Goblin available to put his opponent on a pretty fast clock. Bertelsen however decided to attack back with his team to apply some pressure but was forced to concede on the next turn.

Daniel Zink 1 - Bertelsen 0

Bertelsen played first in this game and had the first action with a turn three Tel-Jilad Exile powered out by a Talisman of Unity Zink replied with a turn three Frogmite due to his earlier Leonin Scimitar. Zink then had the next play with Goblin War Wagon however this was trumped by a Looming Hoverguard from his opponent. Zink then tried a different question in the shape of a Clockwork Condor. Bertelsen however had a huge threat in the shape of an Altar of Shadows which threatened to wipe out all of Zink's creatures. An Auriok Transfixer also made attacking more difficult for the flame haired German. Zink dug for answers using a Thirst for Knowledge discarding a useless Viridian Longbow. Zink then swung in with his creatures though his Hoverguard was taken down by the Altar of Shadows. Zink could see the game slipping away from him though he continued to apply pressure through a Krark-Clan Grunt. The Grunt was the next target of the Altar and it was clear that Zink needed to draw an answer to it soon or else he would be in real trouble in this game. Zink however had noticed that his opponent's life total was small enough that unless he could find a good sink for the Altar mana he could avoid playing creatures and let his opponent die due to mana burn. Bertelsen had a decent enough sink this turn in the shape of a Cobalt Golem which gave Bertelsen enough of a clock to make Zink's position look very precarious indeed. So much so that Zink scooped a turn later

Zink 1-1 Bertelsen

Zink was forced to mulligan at the start of this deciding game which would have been alright apart from the fact that he chose to mulligan again leaving him to contemplate a grip of only five cards which must make Bertelsen a strong favorite. Neither player had a fast start with a Bottle Gnomes from Bertelsen being the only creature in play until Zink made a Krark-Clan Grunt and equipped it with a Leonin Scimitar. The Grunt also became the proud recipient of a Viridian Longbow. Zink backed up this pinging power with a Spikeshot Goblin but was unimpressed when his opponent tapped out to deploy an Altar of Shadows which once again threatened to dominate the board. The Altar did indeed shoot down all of Zink's creatures and Bertelsen was able to play a Pearl Shard to sink the mana into when Zink could no longer play any creatures. Zink seemed resigned to his fate as he waited for his opponent to assemble enough power with which to finally kill him, as the beats were at this stage only coming from a Wizard Replica and a Bottle Gnomes. Bertelsen increased the onslaught by playing a Auriok Transfixer that upped the damage to three a turn. Zink however seemed to have no outs and was forced to sit there as his life total was taken away in bit-sized chunks. Zink finally attempted to get back into the match by playing Regress to remove the Altar and then dropping a Vulshok Berserker and a Krak-Clan Grunt which was countered by the Wizard Replica. The Altar came back next turn with enough mana to activate it right away leaving Zink in an equally bad state as before. Zink went for yet another explosive turn playing out a Clockwork Condor, Goblin War Wagon and a Somber Hoverguard in one turn. However this did not phase Bertelsen as he sat behind his healthy life total, Pearl Shard and Bottle Gnomes. Zink was able to swing in with his Hoverguard on his turn but it only dealt three damage and he was losing a creature a turn to the Altar it was looking grim for the current World Champion. A Regress on Zink’s Condor sealed the deal.

Daniel Bertelsen beat Daniel Zink 2-1

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