Semifinals: Daniel Bertelsen vs. Tommi Hovi

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Bertelsen has beaten World Champion Daniel Zink on his way to this semi final match with Tommi Hovi largely on the strength of his Altar of Shadows. Tommi also has few ways to deal with the troublesome artifact like the unlucky German who despite having two copies of Inertia Bubble was unable to stop the Altar.
Daniel was fast out of the blocks with an Auriok Transfixer and a Neurok Spy whilst Tommi was content to just play lands the reason for this was made apparent when Tommi played a Barter in Blood killing both of Bertelsen's creatures in one fell swoop. Daniel then made a Cobalt Golem to start to rebuild his board however Tommi looked to take total control of the game by playing a Spikeshot Goblin and a Vulshok Battlegear looking to be able to shoot for four points a turn. Daniel looked to apply some pressure by playing a Tel-Jilad Exile but this was met by a Terror from the Finn. Bertelsen attacked with his Golem into the suited up Goblin and Tommi was more than happy to block though Daniel was able to save his Golem by bouncing the Goblin with a Regress before damage went onto the stack. The goblin came back onto the board and was joined by a Nim Replica. The replica was the first recipient of the Battlegear and it went into the red zone only to be returned to the finn's hand by an AEther Spellbomb. The battlegear then ended up on the Spikeshot who proceeded to shoot the Cobalt Golem at the end of turn after Daniel had deployed a second Golem. On Tommi's turn he went crazy, shooting the Golem again casting Nim Replica, Alpha Myr and Leonin Scimitar and equipping the Spikeshot with the Scimitar to make it a five point shotgun. The second Cobalt Golem was first to feel the wrath of the Goblin though he was saved by a Predators Strike. Tommi further pressed matters by activating a Stalking Stones and swinging in for nine, two of which was prevented. Daniel tried to race back using his Cobalt Golem but even with a Tel-Jilad Archers to aid his defense the race seems firmly in favor of Tommi. Tommi thought long and hard during his turn and after about a minute of this thought Daniel conceded though the Finn admitted he did have the Consume Spirit he needed to win that turn anyway.

Tommi Hovi 1 - Daniel Bertelsen 0

Both players kept their opening hands and Daniel looked to accelerate out his threats with a turn two Gold Myr whilst Tommi dug deeper into his deck cycling a Chromatic Sphere before playing an Alpha Myr. The Myr looked quite ineffective as Daniel played a Cobalt Golem on his turn, a play matched by Tommi's Nim Replica. Daniel had yet another Cobalt Golem to play on his turn but chose instead to make a Somber Hoverguard leaving open the one blue required if he wished to Annul an artifact of Tommi's. Tommi However played an Irradiate to kill the Golem and then attacked trading his Nim for the Myr. The Golem did indeed come down the next turn leaving the Finn needing something good to get back to even on the board. Tommi had the Barter in Blood which indeed did get him back to a totally neutral board position. Leonin Skyhunter was a decent enough way to rebuild Daniels board and when Tommi's Pewter Golem was Annul-ed and his Great Furnace targeted by a Looming Hoverguard things were looking dandy for Daniel Bertlesen. Tommi however responded with a Terror and a Crystal Shard forcing Daniel to play from the top of his deck. Tommi further increased his card advantage by playing a Muriok Scavenger threatening a stream of extra cards with the scavenger and Shard. Tommi was more interested in smashing face, coming in for six damage, with a Pewter Golem and the Scavenger. Tommi further improved his racing position by playing a Myr Prototype. The race however, seemed to slip away from the Finn suddenly when Daniel played a Tel-Jilad Archers giving him a good answer to Tommi's offence and leaving him needing to come up with an answer quickly before the Skyhunter took him down. Tommi once again entered into deep thought during his turn however his opponent seemed less inclined to concede this time around. This was because he was holding a Predator's Strike which allowed him to make a lethal attack taking the match to a deciding game.

Daniel Bertelsen 1-1 Tommi Hovi

Daniel was on the draw this time with his deck in the classic front stance whilst Tommi has opted for a more turntable battle configuration turning his deck though ninety degrees allowing for a more fluid top-decking style. The game began with Tommi cycling a Chromatic Sphere to play an Alpha Myr which he backed up with a Crystal Shard. A Wizard Replica came down on Daniels side but was traded for an 'on the stack' Myr Prototype straight away. Daniels next play was a Cobalt Golem which was killed by an Irradiate after it blocked the Alpha Myr. Daniels next play was a Neurok Spy which was trumped some what by a Bosh which prompted the concession.

Tommi Hovi Beats Daniel Bertlesen 2-1

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