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Earlier in the day we gave you three card pools that were given to three pros and asked you how you would build them. Well, the results of Day One are in, and it’s time to share with you the three builds that the pros came up with.

Pro Player One was Michael Pustilnik, affectionately referred to in these circles as Mikey P, and after two rounds of bye to start the day, things went south for Mikey P, who finished with an 0-3 record following his byes.

Mystery Pro Player number two for the day was Neil Reeves, who you saw featured in round four. Lucky for us we featured him early, because he wasn’t here for too much longer.

Following his three byes Neil showed up to play two rounds, going 0-2 and then leaving for some poker action.

The build of his card pool that didn’t serve him so well is right here.

Pro Player number three is Brazilian Carlos Romao, who made the trip up to Kansas City only to sit through a 1-3 day playing after his three byes. The reasons he wasn’t excited by this card pool showed themselves all day, leaving him with a poor performance after his three round vacation.

Did these pros have the correct builds? None of the three had records that allowed them to play on the second day.

How would you have built these decks? What could the pros have done differently to improve their chances in this event?

What affected the performance of these three pros today? Was it a weak card pool? Was it the decisions they made in card choices? Was it faulty theory? Discuss it in our forums.

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