Final Draft: Antonio De Rosa

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“My deck would be a lot better if the guy to my right wasn’t such an idiot. He’s red in between me and Kibler who are red. Then he went into green then it seemed like he went into blue. Everything but white.”

Derosa said that he thought he would win his quarterfinal match against Krumb, because his opponent had “literally no creatures. At the end he started taking bad creatures over spells.” As for the title? He thought Heiss and Kibler were top contenders, but that it was Ben Stark who had the best deck.

Antonino was happy about his five “bombs,” Glissa Sunseeker, Icy Manipulator, Triskelion, and his two Mirror Golems, and was running less optimal creatures like Frogmite to ensure that he survived to the late game. His toughest cut was Forge Armor, which he likes, but feels is underpowered when his opponent has as much spot removal as Krumb does.

At the last second, Derosa added Liar’s Pendulum to the mix and went down to seventeen lands. “I guess I’ll trust KK. He says it’s good.”

“The good thing is, the is the best deck I’ve had all day. The only reason that I made it this far is that my opponents were really bad. All of them.”

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