Round Ten Feature Match: Tim Aten vs. Jonathan Sonne

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Before the match, both Jon and Tim discuss the other matches in their draft. They determine that Molder Slug is pretty good. Jon shared his opinion that his deck was bad and Tim's was good, but Tim thought just the opposite; that his deck was bad and Jon's was good. Tim also said, "Please, no more feature matches, ever!"

Game One

Jon decided to play first. He led with a Mountain and a Leonin Scimitar. Tim, unfazed, played a Mountain and a Viridian Longbow. Jon's first creature of the game was a Copper Myr, and Tim countered with a Silver Myr of his own. Jon played another forest and pondered his options, and finally played a Viridian Shaman to kill Tim's Myr creature. Jon attacked with his Myr to bring Tim to 19, and passed the turn. Tim's next play was a Neurok Spy, looking lonesome out there by itself. Jon equipped the Myr with the Scimitar and attacked, and Tim declined to block, going to 15. Jon playe an Elf Replica and passed the turn.

Tim attacked back with his Neurok Spy and rounded out his turn with a Spikeshot Goblin. On Jon's turn, the intrepid Sonne tapped everything (including his Myr) to play a Triskelion. He removed two counters to kill he Spikeshot Goblin before Tim could activate it, and swung with his creatures, bringing Tim to 11. Tim, for his part, swung with his Spy again and played a Cobalt Golem. Jon drew his card and thought, but after a short period of consideration, sent all his dudes into the Red Zone.

Tim blocked the Shaman with his Golem, and was forced to let everything else through. Having only one creature in play will usually force these kinds of situations. "You're at 5?" Jon asked to confirm, and then played an Ogre Leadfoot. Tim drew his card and conceded the game in short order, packing up his lands rapidly.

Tim Aten 0 - Jonathan Sonne 1

Game Two

Jon asked about the results of the other feature match at the end of the table, and received an update from Matt Linde, who was parked in the chair normally reserved for reporters.

Tim decided to play first in this game, but not to keep his opening hand. Jon and Tim discussed other Mirrodin cards as Tim shuffled his cards, then dealt out six and kept them. Tim led this game with a Mountain, and Jon countered with a Mountain of his own and a Leonin Scimitar again.

Tim's second-turn play was a Talisman of Impulse, and Jon swiftly followed up his rapid start with an Iron Myr on his second turn. He played another Scimitar on his third turn and equipped the Myr with both, swinging for three in short order. Tim played a Regress on the Myr to stop it for a few turns, but Jon was ready for anything. He played an Elf Replica and equipped it with a single Scimitar, then passed the turn.

Tim played more land and a Spikeshot Goblin, then Detonated the Elf Replica, dealing three damage to Jon. Jon drew and shuffled his cards around, then finally played a Vulshok Gauntlets and passed the turn. Tim played a Vulshok Berserker and attacked to bring Jon to 12, and left a single Mountain open for Spikeshot Goblin tricks. Jon played two Iron Myrs on his turn and passed, but Tim shot one with the Goblin at Jon's end step. Tim attacked on his turn with the Berserker and then activated his Goblin, shooting Jon's other Myr before Jon could equip it with toughness boosters. Tim then played a Vulshok Gauntlets of his own.

On Tim's next turn, he equipped the Berserker and swung furiously. Jon had the answer, though, and Terrored it. Jon then played his own large creature, an Ogre Leadfoot. Tim shot Jon at Jon's end step, then paid two mana on his turn to equip his Spikeshot Goblin with a newly-played Leonin Scimitar. Jon equipped his Ogre Leadfoot with a single Scimitar and swung to bring Tim to 6, but it wasn't enough. Tim untapped, moved the Gauntlets on to his Spikeshot Goblin, and shot Jon in the head for the win.

Tim Aten 1 - Jonathan Sonne 1

Game Three

Jon opted to play first in this pivotal third game. He led with a mountain, but had no first-turn play this time. His first non-land play was a second-turn Copper Myr, which Tim answered with a Talisman of Impulse. Jon attacked with his Myr on his next turn, then played a Yotian Soldier. His next play was a Vulshok Gauntlets, amazingly broken in this format.

Tim, meanwhile, had been trying his best to keep up. His side of the board held only a Cobalt Golem besides his Talisman, and he gave it flying adn attacked on his next turn. When Jon attacked him back, Tim Shattered his Gauntlets, causing Jon to deal only two points of damage where he had been hoping for six. Tim played a Regress on the Yotian Soldier, and Jon just flipped it over on his next turn. Tim took the offensive, attacking with his Golem and a Looming Hoverguard on his turn. He played a Vulshok Berserker and blocked Jon's attacking Yotian Soldier on Jon's turn. Jon saved the Soldier with a Battlegrowth, giving it a +1/+1 counter. Jon next cast an Electrostatic Bolt on Tim's Golem, killing it outright.

Despite faces being smashed on both sides, Tim ended up victorious when he played another Vulshok Berserker and attacked with it and his Hoverguard. As Jon was only at five life, death swiftly ensued.

Tim Aten 2 - Jonathan Sonne 1

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