Round Twelve Feature Match: Antonino De Rosa vs. Nate Heiss

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Game One

De Rosa and Heiss both drafted as members of draft pod two prior to this round, and to have a chance at Top 8 they need at least a 2-1 record, probably better.

Both players kept their opening seven card hands and the party started. Nate Heiss played nothing but Mountains early on in the game, using them to bring out the powerful Spikeshot Goblin and a Krark-Clan Grunt.

Antonino used his Plains and Forests to play an Elf Replica and a Neurok Hoversail. The Neurok Hoversail spent some time on the Replica until a Leonin Den-Guard hit the table, providing Antonino with a doesn't tap to attack 2/4 flyer.

The Den-Guard would have to provide double duty for Antonino as he was badly outnumbered on the board, with a Spikeshot Goblin, Myr Prototype, the Grunt and a Skyhunter Cub all on Nate's side of the table. Nate added a Vulshok Berserker to the table and then swung into Antonino's side of the table.

Nate played out a Power Conduit to add some counters to the Spikeshot Goblin. Antonino had an answer for that though, in the form of Arrest. Nate used the Conduit to just remove a counter from the Myr Prototype each turn. The Prototype never seemed to have more then one counter on it and Nate didn't have to pay the mana needed to attack with him. In the meantime though, Nate's other creatures were getting large.

Antonino never found a creature to go with his Den-Guard and died a quick and brutal death to Nate's army of creatures and his Power Conduit.

Antonino De Rosa 0 - Nate Heiss 1

Game Two

De Rosa turned to the crowd during the break between games so that he could beg for help. "My draft decks today have sucked," he observed. "It's like I forgot how to draft." The only help he could really come up with would be if Nate doesn't draw his Spikeshot and the Power Conduit again.

De Rosa asked a higher power for help before drawing his seven cards and then threw them back. Guess the higher powers were busy with something else. His six card hand produced results that at least got a mumbled "keep" out of him, so game two began.

Turn two Nate let out a laughter inducing battle cry as he dropped Power Conduit onto the table. De Rosa stifled his giggle and moved to his turn, playing out a Skyhunter Patrol for a little evasive offense.

Nate laid out part two of his combo, announcing his presence for all the observers. "Here he is!" The Myr Prototype had found the table. The Prototype's counters could now be moved to other creatures Nate controlled, and he followed that up with a Lightning Coils that made Antonino a little less then happy.

"I hate Magic," he exclaimed. Swinging with his Elf Replica and Skyhunter Patrol sent Nate down to 15 life and appeared to make Antonino like the game a little more, at least temporarily.

His happiness didn't last long as Nate played a Pyrite Spellbomb and followed it with a Leonin Skyhunter. The Skyhunter died when it ran into Antonino's Patrol of them, a brief combat trick party started which ended with both creatures having a +1/+1 counter on them and Nate's Skyhunter dead.

Nate played a second Myr Prototype, setting up a bit more of the sickness that was musical counters. The following turn he added a Soldier Replica to the table in preparation for victory.

Nate sent the Myr Prototype and the Skyhunter Cub into the red zone, and came out of the red zone having made a two for one trade not in his favor. Soldier Replica was sacrificed, and combined with the damage from the Prototype it died. Despite losing two creatures Nate appeared to be in good shape, as he put two more counters on the Lightning Coils, running it to three counters.

Nate placed Detonate on the stack, targeting his own Iron Myr. When the Detonate resolved Nate had four counters on his Lightning Coils and was looking like he was a turn away from victory. Antonino needed a miracle to stay in this game, and a miracle did not appear to be in the works.

The only thing left in Antonino's grip was an Awe Strike, and with an army of hasted 3/1 creatures headed at him, it wasn't enough.

Antonino De Rosa 0 - Nate Heiss 2

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