Round Thirteen Feature Match: Jonathan Becker vs. Jon Sonne

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The battle of the two Jons was one of a pair of bubble matches in the feature area. The winner should be able to draw into Top 8 while the other is out of contention. Becker had only an outside chance of making it but a win would leave him a shot at qualifying for Amsterdam. He did not like his chances, “Honest to god this is the worst deck I have ever drafted. I have multiple Dross Prowlers. Jon Sonne has like three Spikeshot Goblins AND Arc Slogger. I seriously thought about conceding and catching my flight.”

“I hope they deck check Sonne that is my best chance.”

Sonne shook his head with a grin, “I was very careful about that.”

Game One

Sonne led off with a Pyrite Spellbomb. Jon played a turn two Sun Droplet and Sonne had the inevitable turn three Goblin.

Becker was without a turn three play and passed it back to Sonne who made a Bonesplitter and Krark-Clan Grunt. Jon cast Thirst for Knowledge EOT and pitched a Vault of Whispers. He played Vulshok’s Battlegear and passed the turn. The Grunt got in for four. Sonne moved the Splitter over to his Goblin. Becker’s Droplet got him back some life and he cast Consume Spirit on the Goblin. Sonne negated the life gain with a parting shot from the Goblin.

Sonne did not equip his Grunt, instead choosing to bash for two and play a Rustmouth Ogre. Becker played a Muriok Scavenger that picked up nothing and passed the turn. He was still on seventeen thanks to the Droplet. Sonne equipped the Grunt and sent both his men into the red zone. Becker wasn’t prepared to lose any of his artifacts just yet and Terrored the Ogre. Soldier Replica hit play for Sonne with no white mana in sight.

Becker Battlegeared the Scavenger but Sonne had the Shatter and it bounced harmlessly off of the Replica in combat. Becker added a Duskworker and went back to sixteen on Sonne’s next turn. Sonne played another Replica and sent both his men across the red zone. Sonne killed the Duskworker that got in the way with Fists of the Anvil.

Becker was sill very much alive though. He played a Sword of Kaldra and equipped his 2/3. Sonne had no attacks and Becker reinforced with Somber Hoverguard and Nim Shambler. Becker did not attack and he could only slump when Sonne Detonated the Sword. He sent in the Grunt and Becker chumped with the Shambler forcing Sonne to sacrifice an artifact land.

Becker swung in with his Hoverguard and got in his first three points. Sonne played a Pyrite Spellbomb and attacked Becker down to nine. He killed the Hoverguard with the Spellbomb and Becker was forced to chump the Grunt—Jon had to sacrifice one of his Replicas.

Becker stayed alive with Regress (and the Sun Droplet) and played a Wizard Replica on his turn. Sonne sent both of his men into the Replica and Becker blocked. Sonne sac’d the Soldier Replica. Jon had nothing on the next turn and scooped a couple of turns later when Sonne activated a Stalking Stones and attacked for seven a turn.

Sonne – 1 Becker - 0

Game Two

Becker took like 40 damage that game but hung on thanks to the Sun Droplet. Sonne shook his head, “I wanted to kill that thing but he always had better equipment to kill.”

Ken Krouner announced, “I take full credit for Sonne’s deck. It could have been mine but…”

Jon had another turn one Spellbomb. Becker played a Dross Prowler, “Here’s a platinum hit.”

“That’s a nice one Jon,” said KK. “I cannot tell a lie—except for that one.”

Sonne played a Cathodian and Becker came back with Aether Spellbomb and Vulshok’s Gauntlets.

Sonne got in for three with his Cathodian and made a Grunt. Becker swung with the 2/1 and attempted a Consume Spirit for three on the Cathodian. Sonne sacrificed it to his Grunt but still burnt for three. He killed the Prowler with the Spellbomb. Sonne followed with Arc Slogger but Becker returned it with his Spellbomb and played a Muriok Scavenger.

Sonne played a Soldier Replica and sent his Grunt into battle. Becker had no blocks and Sonne made another Cathodian. Becker equipped his Scavenger on the next turn and passed it back with a 6/5 on guard duty.

Sonne made a Spikeshot and passed it back. Becker played the flight delaying Sun Droplet. When Sonne finally replayed the Arc-Slogger it was Terrored EOT. Becker played a Somber Hoverguard and passed the turn back to Sonne—Sonne didn’t shoot him with his Goblin because of the Sun Droplet. Jon played another Pyrite Spellbomb. Becker equipped his Scavenger and sent it into battle. Sonne blocked with his Replica and activated it. When he tried to finish it off with the Spikeshot Becker Regressed it to his hand. Sonne looked at Becker’s yard and at his own Spellbomb but allowed it to resolve. Jon shrugged at the lack of artifact creatures in his bin, “They tell me it’s an artifact set…”

Sonne played a second Spikeshot and sent the turn back to Becker. The Philadelphian sent in his Hoverguard and replayed his Scavenger and played out his last card a Dead Iron Sledge. “My deck is just god-awful AND I’m going to miss my plane.”

Sonne sent in his men and Becker chumped the Cathodian and fell to eleven—soon to be twelve from the Droplet.

Becker made a Yotian Soldier and attacked for three in that air. Becker equipped his Yoti with the sledge and passed it back to Sonne who shot his flier down with the pair of Goblins. Sonne’s next draw yielded a Bonesplitter that allowed him to wipe out Becker’s team with the Spikeshots. His attack left Becker within range of the Spikeshots on the next turn and he scooped.

Sonne – 2 Becker - 0

Jonathan Sonne
GP Kansas City - Draft 2 Deck

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