Round Thirteen Feature Match: Robert Dougherty vs. David Rood

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Game One

The winner will likely play for top eight next round, while the loser can make top sixteen at best.

Dougherty took two mulligans to start, and still managed to lay a turn two Talisman of Progress. A lack of a third land, however, made his follow up of Leonin Abunas and Clockwork Vorrac much less impressive on turns four and five.

Rood was firing on all cylinders. Leonin Scimitars equipped both Frogmite and Elf Replica, while Icy Manipulator held Dougherty’s 2/5 at bay. He fell to twelve, calmly untapped, and laid Krark-Clan Grunt and Gold Myr.

Rood, seemingly out of gas, simply equipped the Frogmite with both scimitars, tapped the Abunas, and hit Rob down to eight. He followed with a Wizard Replica, and ended the turn by moving all his equipment onto the flyer.

Rob’s response of a Hematite Golem did little to stop the 3/5 flyer Rood had built. Rob started to mount a late offensive with a half-hearted alpha strike, but the Icy was making things difficult and Rood’s life was too high.

Robert Dougherty 0 – David Rood 1

Dougherty chose to play first again this game, and this time is happy with his original seven. His turn two Gold Myr is matched by a Silver from the Canadian. I

n other news, as Rob debates the correct turn three play, Gerrard Fabiano released a hit single in the United States, “I love it when you do it Right Myr.” Copper Myr and Mirrodin’s Timberwatch, Auriok Bladewarden make an appearance for the YMG’er, while Rood’s turn three is no less impressive – Icy Manipulator.

Rood lets out a sigh, as Dougherty’s lack of a fourth land doesn’t slow him at all, as he plays the daunting Sword of Kaldra. Rood’s response of Elf Replica is…embarrassing. Talisman of Progress diversifies Dougherty’s mana, and he equips the would-be Timby with the ridiculous sword, thus negating the effectiveness of Rood’s Icy to shut down his offensive.

Rood wasn’t ready to give in yet – he lays ANOTHER Icy to help stem the bleeding. Despite all these early game shenanigans, the score is still 18-17 in favor of Dougherty. They then take turns laying significant threats.

Rob has Hematite Golem while David has the Somber Hoverguard for only two mana. Dougherty and Rood also take the time to lay some relatively insignificant creatures – Krark-Clan Grunt and Fangren Hunter respectively. They also take time to trade hits, as Rob falls to 14 and David to 11.

Rob’s threats effectively handled by the pair of Icy’s, Rood takes the time to create five 1/1 tokens with the Yu-Gi-Oh imported One Dozen eyes. Ogre Leadfoot is not the answer Dougherty was looking for to Rood’s flyer, and a Thirst of Knowledge further exacerbated his worries.

Somber Hoverguard gets a partner in the Red Zone, as Frogmite steps in to do battle. Soul Nova takes care of Rood’s flying threat, but the big mite drops Dougherty to six. Rood though, ever the Canadian trickster, has a Cobalt Golem threatening to end the game in three turns.

Once again, Frogmite joins Rood’s flyer in battle, and once again Dougherty has topdecked the answer to the evasion creature – this time it’s Electrostatic Bolt. And then the game reaches a new low. Myrs trade with one another, Frogmite gets in for value…it’s a real bloodbath. In the end though, Dust to Dust from Rood takes care of Dougherty’s Sword of Kaldra, and Frogmite comes across for humiliatingly lethal damage.

Robert Dougherty 0 – David Rood 2

Robert Dougherty
GP Kansas City - Draft 2 Deck

David Rood
GP Kansas City - Draft 2 Deck

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