Round Fourteen Feature Match: Ben Stark vs. Aaron Estrin

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Aaron Estrin has been searching for a lone match win since the beginning of round twelve. Ben Stark could possibly concede to him but he was hoping to help Antonino De Rosa—who was the beneficiary of a concession from Turian—squeak into the final draft.

Aaron had no complaints though. He would do the same if it could help one his pals. “I guess I have to win.” The beginning of the round was delayed by a deck check. Ben had no sideboard, “I threw it out after I won the one match I needed to make it in.”

Game One

Both players kept their openers and Ben started out with a Chromatic Sphere and cycled it to play a Gold Myr on turn two. Aaron made an Alpha Myr and Ben was not willing to trade on the next turn when Aaron sent his man into the red zone. He used the mana-man to make a turn four Fargren Hunter but Aaron had the Arrest at the ready.

Ben shrugged and made Tel-Jilad Archers. Aaron laid a Gold Myr and when Ben attacked on the next turn he ate Ben’s Mry with a Raise the Alarm token. Ben shrugged and played Goblin Dirigible. Aaron played an Atog and sent the turn back. Ben sent in his Archers and his flier. When Aaron blocked with Atog Ben had the Awe Strike to counteract the Atog. Tel-Jilad Exile joined the team.

Aaron played a Hematite Golem but he had no answer for the Dirigible that was pounding in for four a turn

Ben – 1 Aaron – 0

Game Two

Aaron kept his hand as did Ben.

Ben had the first play a Gold Myr but Aaron had Raise the Alarm EOT. He got in for two but he had not turn three play. Ben made an Exile and Aaron arrested it and go in for two more. Ben had a Tel-Jilad Archer.

Aaron played an Ogre Leadfoot and had to keep his tokens back. Ben played another Myr. Aaron played a Transifixer. Nothing was happening in the red zone.

Wizard Replica from Aaron was met with Auriok Transfixer from Ben. Aaron gave him something to tap with a War Wagon. Ben did so and played a Fargren Hunter.

Aaron had nothing if not mana and he untapped his War Wagon. Ben tapped it again EOT and Arrested the Ogre Leadfoot and got in for four with the Fargren Hunter. Aaron was out of action but Ben kept up the pressure. He played a Tel-Jilad Chosen and attacked with his 4/4 and his Archers. On the next turn he added another Fragren Hunter.

Aaron’s next draw yielded a Blinding Beam and he tapped down both Fargren Hunters when Ben announced an attack. Ben decided not to attack and Aaron tapped down a Myr to boot with his Transfixer.

Aaron still had nothing to extricate him from the situation and once Ben was able to untap his 4/4s he threw down a hand of land and shrugged. The best he could hope for was a slot for Amsterdam to pass down from the Pro laden Top 8.

Ben – 2 Aaron – 0

After starting the tournament with a stunning 10-0-1 performance, Aaron could not find the lone win he needed for the Top 8. It was a heartbreaking final draft.

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