Round Three Feature Match: Diego Ostrovich vs. Taer Bluett

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Game One

Diego decided to keep his cards right from the get go and Taer was in complete agreement.

A turn two Leonin Skyhunter hit the table for Taer and Diego turned it around to read it. The 2/2 flyer looked good enough on his own, but the next turn a Bonesplitter hit the table and was attached to him, making him a 4/2 flyer.

Diego had creatures of his own for the match as well, playing first a Krark-Clan Grunt and then a Duskworker. Neither of these looked quite as good as the Fangren Hunter he added to the table to go with them.

“I have you at 12,” Taer asked. After Diego confirmed that number Taer sent both the Hoverguard and the Skyhunter back into the red zone.

Diego was happy to see Taer with only one blocker, a lowly Iron Myr, as he tapped his Fangren Hunter, Duskworker and Krark-Clan Grunt and sent them into the red zone.

Unable to do anything about the flyers on Taer’s side Diego scooped up his cards and got ready for game two.

Taer Bluett 1 – Diego Ostrovich 0

Game Two

Diego chose to play first and kept his seven cards. Taer seemed a little perplexed as he looked at his seven cards, but then decided to keep as well.

Taer dropped a turn two Steelshaper before Diego played a turn three Viridian Shaman and deprived him of a land. The Shaman and the newly played Krark-Clan Grunt went back into the red zone again, as Taer still had only the Steelshaper to block with.

The tables turned the following turn though as Taer found what he was looking for, a fifth land, which he used to play Skyhunter Patrol. The Skyhunter Patrol was joined a turn later by a Leonin Skyhunter, bringing the board firmly back into Taer’s control.

“I attacked with the wrong one,” Taer exclaimed as Diego sent his creatures into the red zone. His first striking Skyhunter Patrol was still tapped from a trip into the red zone and he was forced to take the four damage instead of losing his Leonine Skyhunter to an ill-advised block.

On his next turn Taer attacked with the right creatures, his Leonin Skyhunter and his now very large Auriok Steelshaper, equipped with Bonesplitter. Diego went down to nine life, and then to eight when Taer hit him with his Granite Shard.

Diego sat back unable to attack with his Shaman or Grunt, but at the same time unable to block any of Taer’s flyers with them.

Taer turned his two flyers sideways repeatedly, and since Diego was unable to do anything about it, the game was over quickly.

Taer Bluett 2 – Diego Ostrovich 0

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