Round Five Feature Match: Jonathan Cassidy vs. Ken Krouner

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Jon is a relative newcomer to the pro tour after a highly successful career at the JSS level. Jon played at PT Chicago and finished in the money at Nationals.

Ken says his fifteen minutes of fame passed a long time ago, as evidenced by his having only two byes at this event. He had three byes not too long ago, the last time limited was played actually.

Game One

Both players decided to keep their opening hands and Cassidly led with lands, then more lands and more lands. He used those lands to play a Vulshok Gauntlets and a Pearl Shard.

Ken was unable to find any threats and just kept playing land until his fifth one hit the table. He used that to put a Molder Slug on the table, and the Slug dug into Jon. Pearl Shard became the first thing to die to the ability of the Slug, followed by Duskworker.

Jon did make sure the Slug wouldn’t be used as an attacker or blocker though, slowing it down with Arrest. Ken played a Tel-Jilad Archers to keep his Slug company, as Jon’s quick start appeared to have run out.

Ken followed his Archers with a Fangren Hunter, and the 4/4 trampler set out to do what he does best, dominate games. The game appeared to have swung completely in Ken’s favor as he put the Hunter back in the red zone. Serum Tank, Leaden Myr and Clockwork Condor all hit the table for Ken, with him using first the Myr then the Condor to protect the Tank from the ability of his own Slug.

With the card advantage provided by the Tank Ken set out to finish the game quickly. A Sword of Kaldra was attached to the Hunter and he went into the red zone to do nine more damage. Jon’s life total fell to one, but he was ready when the Hunter attacked again.

Awe Strike was played when the Hunter found the red zone again. Jon’s life total went flying back up to ten, and the following turn he was able to sacrifice his Luxodon Warhammer to Shrapnel Blast and finish Ken off.

Jonathan Cassidy 1 – Ken Krouner 0

Game Two

Ken elected to play to start game two and kept his initial hand of seven cards. Jon seemed displeased with his seven cards and elected to treat them as he would a small trout, he threw them back.

The six cards seemed to please him a little more and he led things off with a Golem-Skin Gauntlets. He followed it up with a Hematite Golem.

Ken in the meantime played a lot of Swamps and used them to put a Goblin War Wagon and a Pewter Golem on the table. Shrapnel Blast eliminated the Golem and the War Wagon died when it blocked Jon’s Hematite Golem and he cast Predator’s Strike.

Ken found and played Sword of Kaldra but had no creatures to play it on, and precious little nothing he could do with his hand full of only Swamps.

Jon played out a Copperhoof Vorrac and Ken could do nothing but scoop. Three spells and eleven lands came off his deck for him and he had nothing in hand he could cast. The Copperhoof Vorrac would be swinging at Ken while he had nine untapped permanents on the table, leaving him with nothing to do but extend his hand.

Jonathan Cassidy 2 – Ken Krouner 0

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