Grand Prix Kansas City Photo Coverage

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Neil Reeves: Quick Question Saturday Players
A head scratcher for Gabe Walls Sunday Players
A real chin scratcher Sunday Players
A refreshing change of pace from Mirrodin Draft Sunday Players
Aaron Estrin was sititng pretty at 10-0-1 Sunday Players
Aaron tries to get that elusive final win Sunday Players
Abraham v Becker Saturday Players
Amateur Prize winner and Top 8 competitor Justin Smith Sunday Players
Antonino in repose Sunday Players
Antonino leans over to read a card. Sunday Players
Antonino offers commentary on his deck Sunday Players
Antonino reviews his deck Sunday Players
Becker can't believe Sonne's deck Sunday Players
Ben Stark Saturday Players
Ben Stark and Antonino are all business Sunday Players
Bob Maher, Jr. has too many good cards to choose from Saturday Players
Bonesplitters for all my men! Sunday Misc
Brad Taulbee Saturday Players
Brian Kibler shows off his equipment Saturday Players
Cassidy and Stark square off in the quarterfinals Sunday Players
David Rood: Quick Question Saturday Players
David Rood—he’s Canadian! Saturday Players
David Rood--he's still from Canada! Sunday Players
Derek Starleaf Sunday Players
Draft table 2 Sunday Players
Draft table one Sunday Players
Eugene Harvey Saturday Players
Eugene Harvey asleep at the wheel Sunday Players
Everyone loves the Urza's Block draft Sunday Players
Exactly 500 players register their decks Saturday Players
Feral Events head honcho Steve Ferrell Saturday Players
Final round feature match Sunday Players
Finalist Nate Heiss Sunday Players
Gabe Walls and Jill Costigan trying to keep the dream alive Sunday Players
Gabe Walls makes his pick Sunday Players
Gary Talim Saturday Players
Gerard Fabiano and his security towel Saturday Players
Gerard Fabiano makes his pick while Josh Ravitz looks on disaprovingly. Sunday Players
Gerard Fabiano moves in for the kill Sunday Players
Grand Prix Finalist Nate Heiss Sunday Players
Grand Prix Kansas City Champion Antonino DeRosa Sunday Players
Head Honcho Steve Ferrell addresses the Top 8 troops Sunday Players
Head Judge Mike Guptil explains how this shindig is going to work Saturday Staff
Jill Costigan sits at draft table four. Sunday Players
John Cross--he's from Denver! Sunday Staff
Jon Cassidy--still from Denver! Sunday Players
Jonathan Becker sleeves it up for a feature match Sunday Players
Jonathan Becker spreads out his pack Sunday Players
Jonathan Cassidy and Michael Krumb ponder their options Sunday Players
Jonathan Cassidy,James Pak and Eugene Harvey review their cards Sunday Players
Jonathan Cassidy—he’s from Denver Saturday Players
Josh Wagener can only dream of being like DeRosa Sunday Players
Josh Wagener in action Saturday Players
Josh Wagener looks to Miki Urban for clarification Sunday Players
Kartin’ Ken Krouner Saturday Players
Ken Krouner sends one out to the ladies Sunday Players
Ken Krouner winces as he lets Sonne pick up his third Spikeshot Goblin Sunday Players
Kibler and BDM discuss the draft Sunday Players
Kibler busts out the game face Saturday Players
Ladies and Gentlemen--Your Grand Prix Kansas City Champion! Sunday Players
Mark Zajdner Sunday Players
Mary Van Tyne always knows where the camera is Sunday Players
Matt Rubin studies at the feet of the master Sunday Players
Mike Guptil, Steve Ferrell, and Jim Shuman review a deck registration problem Saturday Players
Mike Musser—he’s from Texas! Saturday Players
Mike Pustilnik: Quick Question Saturday Players
Mike Turian and Rachel Reynolds: Quick Question Saturday Players
Mike Turian draws a card. Sunday Players
Mike Turian is happy with his card pool Saturday Players
Morgan Douglass Sunday Players
Nate can't believe his opponent ripped that land Sunday Players
Nate heiss and Justin Smith share a laugh Sunday Players
Neil Reeves Saturday Players
Peter PTR Szegeti: Quick Question Saturday Players
Pro Tour winner Matt Linde Saturday Players
PTR and Linde look for the secret sideboard room Sunday Players
Rare drafting Brian Kibler! Sunday Players
Rising judge star Miki Urban Sunday Players
Rob Dougherty concentrates in his next play. Sunday Players
Rob Dougherty contemplates his next play Saturday Players
Rob Dougherty squares off against Aaron Estrin Sunday Players
Rochester Draft is just not Josh Wagener's favorite format Sunday Players
Round eight: Musser v Sonne Saturday Players
Round eleven feature match competitor Morgan Douglass Sunday Players
Round Five Feature match: Jeff Zandi v Brian Kibler Saturday Players
Round five feature match: Ken Krouner v Jonathan Cassidy Saturday Players
Round four Feature Match: Eugene Harvey and Mark Zajdner Saturday Players
Round four Feature match: Neil Reeves and Brad Taulbee Saturday Players
Round seven feature match competitor Jonathan Becker Saturday Players
Round seven feature match competitor: Joshua Wagener Saturday Players
Round seven feature match competitor: Mike Abraham Saturday Players
Round six feature match: Gerard Fabiano v David Rood Saturday Players
Round ten feature match: Jon Sonne and Tim Aten Sunday Players
Round thirteen feature match Sunday Players
Round three feature match participant: Diego Ostrovich Saturday Players
Round three feature match participant: Taer Bluett Saturday Players
Round three feature match: Taer Bluett vs Diego Ostrovich Saturday Players
Round two feature match Mills vs. Heize Saturday Players
Round two feature match participant: Gabe Milos Saturday Players
Round two feature match participant:Tim Aten Saturday Players
Round two feature match particpant: Cameron Heize Saturday Players
Round two feature match particpant: Laura Mills Saturday Players
Round two feature match: Gabe Milos vs. Tim Aten Saturday Players
Stephen Ho--he's from, Hong wait, Vancouver! Sunday Players
Texas Guildmage Jeff Zandi Saturday Players
That's as excited as Sonne gets folks Sunday Players
That's why they're here Saturday Players
The combo!!! Sunday Players
The finalists show off thier hardware Sunday Players
The Great One: Bob Maher, Jr. Saturday Players
The irrepressible Mark Zajdner Saturday Players
The lovely and talented Jill Costigan Saturday Players
The nimble hands of Gerard Fabiano Saturday Players
The slightly skewed Jordan Berkowitz Saturday Players
This is what passes for a smile in Ben Stark's world Sunday Players
Tim Aten in round ten Sunday Players
TOGIT Superstar Jon Sonne Saturday Players
Tony Tsai frowns at his choices. Sunday Players
Top 4 competitor Brian Kibler Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Ben Stark Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Gerry Thompson Sunday Players
Top 8 competitor Jon Cassidy Sunday Players
Two-thirds of the original YMG squad: Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle Saturday Players
US National Champion Josh Wagener makes his pick Sunday Players
Yes, that is a draft deck! Sunday Players
YMG patriarch Rob Dougherty weighs his card choices Saturday Players
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