Round 13: Masashi Ooiso vs. Satoshi Nakamura

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Game 1

Nakamura escaped mana difficulties early with Wirewood Elf helping him cycle a Krosan Tusker. That all meant he had a Barkhide Mauler on the table by turn four. Ooiso had just a Glory Seeker, with nothing to add on his third turn. He came back with Dive Bomber and took four from the Mauler. Nakamura set up his draw step with Sage Aven.

Ooiso dropped Aven Soulgazer, setting up a huge Aven Brigadier on the following turn. Nakamura threw a wrench in the works with Crookclaw Elder. Ooiso dispatched it with Solar Blast, and when Nakamura tapped it and the Sage to draw a card, Ooiso hit for five in the air. Nakamura untapped and served for four on the ground. Ooiso cycled Sunfire Balm to spare himself a point. Nakamura further delayed the Brigadier with a Keeneye Aven and a morph besides.

Ooiso baited him, swinging in with the Soulgazer. Nakamura took it, double blocking and losing both when Ooiso showed him Pinpoint Avalanche. Nakamura came back strong. Essence Fracture left Ooiso with just his Glory Seeker. After swinging in for four with the Mauler, Nakamura made a morph and handed it back. Ooiso thought, then tapped out for Soulgazer and Battlefield Medic.

Nakamura swung in with morph and Mauler. Ooiso put his Glory Seeker in the way of the morph. It was Primal Whisperer, a 4/4 thanks to Nakamura's other morph. Ooiso fell to five. But he wasn't out yet. He added Dive Bomber and Liege of the Axe to his team. Nakamura swung in again. Soulgazer and Medic blocked the Mauler, Bomber and Liege blocked the Whisperer. Nakamura split the Mauler's damage three-one, and aimed to kill the Dive Bomber with the Whisperer. Ooiso tried to rescue the Soulgazer with the Medic, but Nakamura unmorphed Venomspout Brackus and shot it down. Then he played his masterstroke: Chain of Vapor. He rescued both is Mauler and Whisperer.

That gave Ooiso a little time, at least. He used it well. Aven Brigadier showed up, and then another Liege of the Axe and a Morph. Still, Nakamura found Glintwing Invoker, and forced the Brigadier to chump block. It was then that Ooiso topdecked Akroma, Angel of Wrath. Nakamura helped matters by forgetting that Akroma has first strike, costing him his Glintwing Invoker. When he didn't draw Choking Tethers, the game was Ooiso's.

Ooiso 1 – Nakamura 0

Game 2

Nakamura's start for Game 2 was gangbusters. First Wirewood Elf, then Keeneye Aven and Barkhide Mauler. Ooiso's was a sluggish Wingbeat Warrior and Dive Bomber. He found himself at twelve quickly. He played Aven Soulgazer and held the fort.

Nakamura showed him Essence Fracture. After trading with a morph he was at five and facing four creatures with an empty board. They moved to Game 3.

Ooiso 1 – Nakamura 1

Game 3

In Game 3, it was Ooiso's turn to give a master class in tempo, after Nakamura mulled to six, pitching a hand of all land. He started with Wingbeat Warrior and Dive Bomber while Nakamura merely cycled Krosan Tusker. He added a morph and was quickly at fourteen. Ooiso played a morph of his own, and declined to block Nakamura's attack. Nakamura hoped that Barkhide Mauler would buy him time to get some flying defense.

Ooiso cracked down with Pinpoint Avalanche, leaving Nakamura at eight. Nakamura hoped Crookclaw Elder would do the job. Ooiso dropped Daru Encampment and served. Nakamura lined up the morphs and put his Elder on the Dive Bomber. Ooiso unmorphed Liege of the Axe and dealt three with the Warrior. Nakamura drew, and laid his hand on the table: All lands.

Final Result: Masashi Ooiso defeats Satoshi Nakamura 2-1

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