Round 6: Masahiko Morita vs. Masashiro Kuroda

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Both of these two had won their respective Feature Matches this afternoon, but now the teammates of the highly successful PS2 would face each other in the Pit. There was no talk of intentional draws. It was far too early and a win and loss served them both better. Besides, these two didn't become Masters Champions for no reason. Even with a loss they'd be expected to scrape together a Day 2.

Game 1

Morita mulliganed his first hand, and didn't seem enthused with his second. Kuroda considered sending back a two-lander, but with ample morphs saw no reason to. What followed was a farce.

Morita played five lands before his first spell. Kuroda had drawn a forest, and played Wirewood Elf on turn three to accelerate to a turn-four Prowling Pangolin. Then he dropped a morph. That was when Morita showed him Solar Blast. The only other spell Morita would play was Corpse Harvester. It was ridiculous.

Kuroda 1 – Morita 0

Game 2

Morita could only purse his lips as he sent his hand packing for Game 2. Kuroda simply passed his "Neil Reeves Sytle" toothpick from one corner of his mouth to the other. Morita had some good early answers, but was definitely behind. He shocked Wirewood Elf but had no immediate answer to Kuroda's morph. Kuroda added Screeching Buzzard and his morph fell to Erratic Explosion.

Kuroda kept the pressure up, this time with Snarling Undorak. Morita was at the ready with Solar Blast. Kuroda replaced it with Berserk Murlodont. Morita made a Murkdiver. Kuroda smashed in and when his crew went unblocked dropped Wellwisher and a morph. Morita untapped and held his ground, hoping he'd last.

Kuroda attacked again. This time the Murkdiver blocked the Murlodont and the rest got through. It was all Morita could do not to explode when Kuroda showed him Vitality Charm. He had Pinpoint Avalanche but things had long passed the point of no return. The smiling Morita slammed his fist on his deck and shouted something unprintable.

Final Result: Masashiro Kuroda defeats Masahiko Morita 2-0

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