The Undefeated Day One Decks

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Three competitors piloted their decks to a perfect 8-0 record at Grand Prix Los Angeles.

Nick Eisel: Nick continued his success in Onslaught sealed by going perfect for the second tournament in a row. Unlike at GP Philly, his GP LA deck consisted of so many broken bombs that the entire tournament area was leveled. Starstorm, Rorix Bladewing, Butcher Orgg, Slice and Dice, double Sparksmith and more removal highlighted his ridiculous pile of cards.

Gerardo Godinez-Estrada: Gerardo, a former Magic Invitational competitor from South America, ended up with a similarly nuts deck which built itself. Triple Pacifism, triple Solar Blast, and double Swat cleared the way for Jareth, Leonine Titan and Glarecaster. His deck was so stupidly good that he kept Rorix Bladewing sitting on his bench.

Jonathan Job: Jonathan finished in the top eight of GP Houston, and looks strong to have his second top eight this time around. His deck, registered by Mons Johnson of Mons’s Goblin Raiders fame, included double Cruel Revival, Death Pulse, Infest, Starstorm, Sparksmith, Solar Blast, Visara the Dreadful and Rorix Bladewing.

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