Round 10: Nick Eisel versus Brian Hegstad

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Two Magic Online superstars faced off in round 10. Nick Eisel AKA “ThatsGameBoys”, and Brain Hegstad, known in the online world as “Hegstad”. Nick’s massive online rating seemed to be justified this draft. His deck included Infest, Slice and Dice, and triple Cruel Revival. Hegstad appeared less then satisfied for his so-called pile.

Game 1:

Eisel came out blazing with turn one Festering Goblin and turn two Wretched Anurid. Hegstad simply laid islands for his first three turns. Eisel cycled Forgotten Cave and attempted a Shephard of Rot, but was met by Hegstad’s cycled Complicate.

Brian laid his first creature on turn four after cycling Slipstream Eel, an Alphetto Alchemist. Eisel put Crown of Suspicion on his Anurid and swung with the 4/2 and the Festering Goblin, which traded with Alchemist. Hegstad’s turn five saw Screaming Seahawk, and searched for another. Eisel chose not to trade his lone creature. Hegstad then played Ascending Aven and a cycled Tethers stopped the Anurid, who had been doing quite a bit of damage to Eisel. Eisel’s 6th turn had a Murkdiver hitting the board.

Hegstad untapped, laid a morph (Disruptive Pitmage), and shipped for 5 in the air, bringing Eisel to 7. End of turn, Eisel sacrified the Crown, then cast a massive Infest, clearing Hegstad’s board and attacking Hegstad down to 5 with his (reduced) Anurid and Murkdiver. Hegstad then slammed down Tephraderm, which was large enough to hold off all of Eisel’s attackers. At this point Nick had to be wondering where his Cruel Revivals were, but he threw the Anurid at the Tephraderm, finally getting rid of the treacherous frog.

Brian Hegstad played the 2nd Screaming Seahawk, and passed it back. Eisel laid a Threatening Severed Legion. Hegstad attacked with Seahawk, bringing Eisel down to a precarious 4. Eisel attacked with Legion, again having not drawn a single Revival. Hegstad untapped, played Pinpoint Avalanche on the untapped Murkdiver and swung in for the win.

Hegstad 1, ThatsGameBoys 0

Brian traded a Mistform Dreamer for a Mage's Guile. Nick made no changes.

Game 2:

Nick, playing first mulliganed his first hand and after a lot of deliberation, kept the double cycler, 1 land draw. Hegstad kept his grip.

Eisel did rip the second swamp for turn two and cycled Swat at Hegstad’s end step and again on his main phase. No third land appeared. Hegstad on the other hand started very strong with turn two Sparksmith, turn three Mistform Dreamer. Eisel did draw his third land on turn four, a Bloodstained Mire, and played nothing. Hegstad, wary of Infest or Slice and Dice, played no more creatures but continued attacking Eisel for three. Eisel attempted a Wretched Anurid on the next turn, but it was Discombobulified. Hegstad continued to attack, bringing Eisel to nine and laid a Mistform Wall, with Sparksmith available for 3 if needed. Next attack saw all three creatures attacking, with Eisel expressing scorn for Hegstad making the Wall a Goblin instead of an Albatross.

Eisel was forced to Infest, but continued to miss land drops. Hegstad continued to lay beats, with Ascending Aven followed by Screaming Seahawk. Nick was staring at all tree Cruel Revivals in his hand and the four lands on the table. Nick slowly untapped, plucked Slice and Dice off the top, and extended the hand.

Brian Hegstad 2, Nick Eisel 0

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