Round 11: Jeff Cunningham v. Phil Freneau

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Canada's own Jeff Cunningham is looking to repeat the performance that landed him the title at Grand Prix - Philadelphia a month ago. He's off to a great start, already 2-0 on the day. Former ABU member Phil Freneau is right there with him, and as always looks slightly on-edge.

The game did not start auspiciously for Cunningham, with a mulligan. Then another. Then another. He stopped at three lands and a morph creature. Freneau went to six, out of a sense of fairness. He did not go further.

Cunningham's morph was answered with another by Freneau. Wellwisher was a little late to the party, and Freneau swung in. Cunningham let it by. Frenau made a Dive Bomber, and he was happy to trade it for Cunningham's morph on the following turn.

Cunningham's cycled Krosan Tusker helped make up some of the lost ground, and it even turned up Ravenous Baloth for the following turn. Freneau meanwhile had Crown of Suspicion for the Wellwisher and Nantuko Husk, then Pacifism for the Baloth. Cunningham tried Symbiotic Elf, and traded it for Freneau's morph (a Foothill Guide). Severed Legion followed.

His last gasp was a Threaten on Freneau's Severed Legion, which he strangely allowed. Cunningham hit for four and sacrificed it. It hardly mattered. Glarecaster was just a 3/3 body to speed Cunningham's inevitable demise.

Freneau 1 - Cunningham 0

The board froze early in game two, with Cunningham's Wirewood Herald and morph opposite Freneau's curve of Festering Goblin, Nantuko Husk and Screeching Buzzard. Freneau was more than content to hit for two while frustrating Cunningham's board.

Crown of Suspicion increased his clock. Cunningham, on six lands still hadn't made another play. His seventh hit and he tapped four for Symbiotic Elf. He swung in with the Herald, and Freneau blocked to kill it. That let Cunningham search out his Wirewood Savage, which he put into play.

Freneau had no shortage of answers. Smother dispatched the Savage, and Cabal Archon hit the table to Threaten a really short game. Cunningham responded with a too-slow Symbiotic Wurm. Battlefield Medic for Freneau was icing on the cake. Cunningham swung all out, but Freneau was not duped into losing, somehow. Cunningham extended the hand.

Phil Freneau defeats Jeff Cunningham 2-0

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