Round 5: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Mike Turian

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“What do you think Ben Bleiweiss’s middle name should be?”, Mike Turian asked, obsessed over the question this weekend. “It should start with a K for sure”, answered Chris Benafel. “B.K.B.” mused Turian. That’s not bad. “I’m not the Burger King”, I replied.

As Chris Benafel and Brian Hegstad joked loudly about wearing clothes that were way too tight, Zvi and Mike Turian began game one.

Game One:

Mike Turian stalled on two lands, discarding Piety Charm. Zvi, on the other hand, played two consecutive morph creatures. When Mike finally got a third land of his own, he played a face-down Skirk Commando, which blocked and died to Spitting Gourna (which Zvi wisely morphed). A second morph creature (Ascending Aven) traded with Zvi’s other morph creature (Haunted Cadaver) as Zvi brought on the beasts for the beats.

Mike continued with his third morph creature, finally drawing a fourth land. His morph creature go through, and was revealed to be Skirk Commando. A minor rules question ensued (if damage is on the stack, will killing the Commando stop it from using its ability?-the answer was yes, since the Commando’s ability hasn’t triggered yet, and the goblin needs to be in play to resolve the effect), which resulted in Zvi cycling a Solar Blast to kill the Skirk.

Things went from bad to worse for Turian as Zvi hard cast Towering Baloth, although Mike tried to stabilize by killing Nantuko Husk with Shock and casting two chump blockers, Zvi had Dirge of Dread in hand to win the game.

Zvi Mowshowitz 1 - Mike Turian 0

Random Spectator: “Who won that game?”
Mike Turian: “He did.”
Zvi (cackling): “He was discarding. Whatever!”

For game two, Mike chose to draw first. Meanwhile, across the feature match table, Chris Benafel was working over Brian Hegstad with an Oversold Cemetary/Undead Gladiator combo.

Game Two:

The spells came fast and furious as Mike led with Goblin Sledder, Zvi Followed with Wretched Anurid and a morph creature, Mike Shocked the morph creature (revealing Treespring Lorian), both players dropped morph creatures, Zvi cycled Barren Moor, dropped another morph creature, served with his team, and play finally slowed down as Zvi attacked with double morph and Anurid into Turian’s Sledder and morph. These plays took about a grand total of twenty seconds, with Mike ending up at one life facing down Treespring Lorian and Wretched Anurid against a board Gravel Slinger and Goblin Sledder. Zvi won the following turn by casting Erratic Explosion revealing a Goblin Sledder of his own.

This game took less than two minutes. Mike Turian drew only four lands the whole of game one, and drew only four spells in the entirely of game two.

Zvi Mowshowitz 2 - Mike Turian 0

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