Round 9: Ed Fear v. Dave Williams

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Ah, the all-villain Feature Match. Ed Fear cultivates the image of the sinister stranger, with his too-friendly mannerisms and wicked smile, while Williams prefers the clean-cut look. Both inherited the black hat permanently as a result of their suspensions. However, they didn't let their skills atrophy in their time off, and have returned to the game in fine form. Some history has strained their relation, so the banter was going to be kept to a minimum.

Williams mused aloud about which of Fears picks had made his deck. Fear was Shocked by Williams's recall, but tried to play coy. Across from them, Zvi Mowshowitz revelled in how helpless his Sparksmith made Alex Shvartsman, giggling maniacly.

"Don't let it be said that Zvi doesn't enjoy his Magic." - Ed Fear

Williams took a mulligan but kept his next six. Fear was happy with his first grip. He opened with Birchlore Rangers and shrugged. Williams made a Battlefield Medic, immediately dispatched by Lavamancer's Skill on the Rangers. Williams made a morph, but Fear went one better, dropping a Wirewood Savage. It was a hotel in his deck.

Williams had no choice but to drop Prowling Pangolin. Fear made no motion to draw from his Savage. The second Fear looked away, Williams's eyebrows shot up in surprise. Fear untapped and dropped Barkhide Mauler, drawing a card. Then he looked at the Pangolin.

"I just chose not to draw for Prowling Pangolin. I had no idea it was a beast. Well, let's hope it doesn't cost me." - Ed Fear

Williams held back on his next turn, and respnded to a Leery Fogbeast with Cruel Revival on the Savage, eating four from the Mauler, not willing to trade his Pangolin for it. He untapped and Pacified it instead. Unfortunately, Fear was not out of fat, and all Williams had to help him out was a Glory Seeker. The following Turn Fear turned over Wave of Indifference to take the first game.

Fear 1 - Williams 0

Fear led with Birchlore Rangers, but it didn't get much action before both players dropped morphs. Williams held back, played Shared Triumph naming Clerics, then played Glory Seeker and passed it back.

"Name Clerics, play a Soldier." - Ed Fear

"I'm thinking of the future." - Dave Williams

Fear answered with an Undorak. Williams played Foothill Guide face-up and passed it back. Fear bashed in for three. His morph acquired Lavamancer's Skill, and Naturalize took out the Triumph, allowing him to eliminate the Guide. Williams dropped a Harrier and turned it back. This time Fear swung in with his morph and Undorak. Williams tripled-up on the morph. Fear uncovered Treespring Lorian to take down the morph and Harrier.

Williams tapped out for Shieldmage Elder. Then came the Savage. Fear swung in with Undorak and Birchlore Rangers, signalling that he held Wirewood Pride. Williams chumped with the Seeker and stared at an incoming Mauler. Next turn he added another Elder. Fear swung in and Williams prevented some of the damage. His Profane Prayers on the Savage forced out the Pride and gained him a little bit of life, but even with the Elder online he was on the back foot. Fear's army grew and Williams's clerics could not keep up.

Ed Fear defeats David Williams 2-0

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