Quarterfinals: Gerardo Godinez Estrada vs. Brian Hegstad

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This round saw Mexico's finest Gerardo Godinez square off against Masters Competitor, former token ABU "Good Guy", and all-around pleasant fellow Brian Hegstad. The lateness of the hour and the lack of round time limits made for a silent, contemplative kind of match.

Neither player mulliganed to start the match. Godinez led with Shepherd of Rot, answered by Hegstad by a Mistform Dreamer. They traded damage, and Godinez's morph was outclassed by Mistform Wall. He passed his fourth turn without a play. Hegstad swung in and then added Screaming Seahawk to the table.

Still Godinez made no play. Hegstad's fliers bashed him in the face for four. Then he lowered the boom with Lavamancer's Skill on his Mistform Wall. Godinez would have to act quickly. He drew his next card and tapped six for Symbiotic Beast. That was fine by Hegstad, who was handily winning the race in the air. He dropped Godinez to eight and pondered his next play. He went to tap five, but then grew concerned. Eventaully he chose to play out the second Seahawk, fetching a third.

Godinez didn't blink. He untapped, cycled Dirge of Dread on his Beast to hit for four, then busted out Infest. Hegstad responded by hitting the Beast for two, but his entire airforce went to the graveyard. He rebuilt with a morph and Seahawk. Godinez got in with Spitting Gourna. Hegstad made another morph, and Godinez refused to commit anything more to the table.

Hegstad endstep cycled Choking Tethers to lock down the Gourna. Just two insects remained to block his path. He turned an Ascending Aven face-up and smashed in, leaving Godinez at just three life. Godinez hurriedly added a Festering Goblin and Nantuko Husk to his team. Hegstad eliminated the Goblin at end of turn, preventing any combat shenanigans. He traded his Ascending Aven for the Gourna and putting Godinez at one, then Cloned his Screaming Seahawk. Godinez drew, and scooped.

Hegstad 1 - Godinez 0

Game two started with a pair of morphs staring at each other. Godinez didn't seem excited at the prospect of swinging in, but eventually he turned his man sideways. Hegstad took two. Godinez turned up the heat with a second morph and Festering Goblin. Hegstad's defenses increased by the addition of a Mistform Wall.

Godinez tapped out for Centaur Glade. Hegstad took to the air with Screaming Seahawk. Godinez played his sixth land and handed it back. It turned out one of his morphs was the Gourna, but Hegstad was ready with Pinpoint Avalanche. He played land number seven and sent it back again. Hegstad hit in the air and made a Mistform Mutant.

Lucky for him Godinez did not have an eighth land to really step up centaur production. He made a Shepherd of Rot. Hegstad finally turned over his Ascending Aven and hit for five. His remaining three mana bought another Mistform Wall. Godinez had no eighth mana, and no play either. Hegstad was visibly suprised.

He bashed again. Lavamancer's Skill suited up one of his Walls, and Clone came down as a second Mistform Mutant. Godinez was running out of time. On his turn he had just three centaurs, Festering Goblin, Shepherd and morph. He added Screeching Buzzard and passed it back with just three mana open. Hegstad's Wall shot down the Shepherd. Then he dispatched the Buzzard on his turn, leaving Godinez at three. Another Seahawk came down as insurance. He didn't need it. Even with the Dirge of Dread in his hand, Godinez could only come across for thirteen. He played Chain of Smog and then extended the hand.

Brian Hegstad defeats Gerardo Godinez 2-0

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