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With PT Houston come and gone, what do you think is the best Extended deck?

Mike Turian: I guess Oath, but I want to say The Rock.

Jeff Cunningham: Oath, but I think the best deck is still blue/green madness.

Tony Tsai & Dave Price: We don't know, we were playing in the PTQ.

How are you going to celebrate Magic's 10 year anniversary next year?

Jack Stanton: I'm going to have a bonfire with a few of the extra hundred thousand commons I've accumulated over the years.

Mike Turian: I'm going to hope Wizards ships me a case of every Magic set ever released.

Ed Fear: I'm probably retiring.

Are you going to Grand Prix New Orleans, and when?

Zvi: I'm coming, and on Friday night.

Dave Humphreys: I'm not sure yet, it depends how ready I am for PT Chicago.

Tony Tsai: Grand Prix New Orleans? I don't know what I'm doing two hours from now, much less two minutes!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

Jeff Cunningham: Thanksgiving in Canada was a month ago.

Tony Tsai: Eating lots of turkey, to make up for all the vegetarians in the world like Dave Price.

Dave Humphreys: Camping in the desert with my mom.

What card do you most hate losing to in Onslaught Sealed?

Ed Fear: Silvos! I played in a GP Trial a few weeks ago where I went 1-4, and seven of the games I lost involved twenty points of Silvos damage.

Mike Turian: Goblin Sledder

Jack Stanton: Wellwisher

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