Round 13 Feature Match: Bob Maher vs Wilfried Ranque

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Pro Tour regular Bob Maher matched his Zombie Upheaval deck against Frenchman Wilfried Ranque who has piloted his UG Quiet Speculation deck to a 9-2-1 record.

Game 1

Bob played first and makes a land and passes the turn. Wilfried attempts a first turn Careful Study which was met by an Envelop. Bob makes a swamp, which would be the last land he would see for a number of turns and passes the turn. Wilfried makes a turn two Wild Mongrel which Bob allows to resolve and then attempts to edict away during his turn. Unfortunately for the American Wilfried has a Basking Rootwalla who was madnessed into play to satisfy the sacrifice.

On his turn Wilfried came in for 2 and Careful Studied in an effort to find more pressure but was only able to draw two lands. Bob did nothing on his turn and must have been relieved that Wilfried was unable to play more threats on his turn. At the end of Wilfried’s turn Bob played Aether Burst on the Mongrel, untapped and tried to make Standstill onto an empty board, in an effort to find a third land, it was however met by a logic from Wilfried.

Wilfried Careful Studied again during his turn and this time was able to discard Wonder and Roar of the Wurm. Wilfried also remade his Mongrel and looked to punish Bob for his obvious lack of land. Bob was able to find another edict on his turn but Wilfried had Aether Burst to save his faithful hound. The (French) man’s best friend re-entered play and the turn was passed. Bob, realizing he needs to do something, plays a Zombie Infestation and makes a token, discarding Upheaval (not much use on two land) and Deep Analysis, when Wilfried attacks. Bob blocks (which is illegal due to Wonder that both players apparently missed) and Wilfried discarded a land and flashes back. Bob draws for his turn and then both players notice the Wonder and a Judge is called. The play is rewound and Bob takes two damage.

On his turn Bob flashes back Deep Analysis and finally draws his third land and can play Innocent Blood, which takes out the Wild Mongrel. Wilfried swings for six but has no further plays. Bob makes another land and Innocent Bloods, Wilfried responds by sacrificing a Cephalid Coliseum and drawing a Rootwalla this was logiced when Wilfried tried to play it by its madness ability so the wurm token dies. At this point there are no creatures in play but Wilfried is able to make a Mongrel and a Quiet Speculation for Deep Analysis and two Roar of the Wurms. Maher plays yet another Innocent Blood on his turn which kills the Mongrel and is also able to Circular Logic the flashed back Roar of the Wurm but has to allow Wilfried to draw two cards from Deep Analysis. Wilfried attempts to flash back Roar of the Wurm which bob logics but Wilfried is able to counter back with a logic of his own to force the concession.

Ranque 1 – Maher 0

Game 2

Bob plays first and was able to once again Envelop Wilfried’s turn one Careful Study. Bob was then able to make a turn two Standstill and netted three cards when Wilfried made an Aquameoba. The Aquamoeba came in for one on the next turn and Careful Study put Roar of the Wurm into Wilfried’s bin though his Wild Mongrel is met by a Circular Logic. Bob has made his first four land drops and is able to edict away the Aquamoeba and then make Butcher on the following turn to take away the Roar of the Wurm token that Wilfried had made.

Wilfried was able to make a Wild Mongrel and this came in once before Bob flashed back Chainer's Edict in effort to remove the Mongrel but Wilfried was able to pitch an Arrogant Wurm and a Circular Logic to take advantage of a tapped out Maher. Wilfried attacked with his new creatures and Bob blocked the Mongrel with his Faceless Butcher to which Wilfried pitched a Careful Study to kill the Butcher. Bob makes another butcher targeting the Arrogant Wurm. Wilfried responds by activating his Coliseum to madness a Rootwalla into play. Bob though is able to Aether Burst the Butcher after its comes into play ability is on the stack and so the Wurm is removed from the game whilst the Butcher ends up back in Bob’s hand.

Wilfried attacks with his creatures and then plays Bearscape. Bob responded by playing Deep Analysis and Grotesque Hybrid. Shadowmage Infiltrator joins Bob’s team and at the end of his turn Wilfried makes two bear tokens removing some useless cards. Wilfried swings in and Bob blocks ‘walla with his Hybrid and a Bear with Finkel. Will discards a card to Mongrel and pumps the Rootwalla. Bob discards a Coliseum to the Hybrid and Wilfried activates his Centaur Garden to kill the Infiltrator. Bob makes his Butcher on his turn and kills a bear token. At the end of Bob’s turn two more bears were created by Wilfried and he also played a Basking Rootwalla which was Circular Logiced.

Wilfried swung again on his turn and Bob blocked the two tokens and also played Aether Burst targeting the other two attackers. Wilfried attempted to Logic for six keeping an Envelop in his hand which tapped Bob out to pay for the logic which allowed Wilfried to remake the Mongrel. Bob Edicted on his turn and attacked for 5. Wilfried had no play on his turn and passed the turn back to Bob who also passed and at the end of his turn watched as Wilfried made two more Bear tokens. In his turn Wilfried speculated into two Roar of the Wurms and a Deep Analysis.

On his turn Bob went in for the kill by attacking with both his creatures and when Wilfried makes a token to block with Bob Ghastly Demise before blockers are declared which put Wilfried down to 3 when he didn’t block. Bob then played an Innocent Blood which was met by an Envelop and the remaining token came in for the kill the following turn.

Wilfried Ranque beats Bob Maher 2-0

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