Round 4 Feature Match: Mattias Jorstedt vs Florent Jeudon

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Both Mattias Jorstedt and Florent Jeudon are familiar faces on the Grand Prix circuit. Jorstedt made top 8 in this years Swedish Nationals and is part of the Scandinavian Punisher team that came up with the White Weenie deck for the block portion of this years World Championships. Jeudon is a French player better known in the team trios format through his successes with the Ruel Brothers. At Grand Prix Antwerp this year he found individual success by finishing runner up behind Kai Budde.

Jorstedt is playing green-blue madness while, in a touch of irony, Jeudon is playing a White Weenie deck similar to the Punisher deck from Worlds.

Jeudon won the coin flip and elected to go first. He had to toss the first hand back though and the second wasn't much better as he summoned a Suntail Hawk on turn one and missed a play on turn two. A Beloved Chaplain came out the next turn but Jeudon passed turn four without a play. Jorstedt meanwhile had a monster as he madnessed out an Arrogant Wurm through an Aquamoeba and followed it with a Wild Mongrel.

Jeudon found a third land to make a Divine Sacrament. It wasn't any help as Jorstedt returned the Chaplain with Aether Burst and then countered it with Circular Logic. Another attack brought the game to a brutal close.

Jorstedt 1-0 Jeudon

This time it was Jorstedt's turn to mulligan and his only early offence was an Aquamoeba. He used an Aether Burst to return Jeudon's Beloved Chaplain and followed with a Wild Mongrel. The Swede's hand was running down though.

On the other side of the table Jeudon chose to cast Deep Analysis to stock his hand up and then started dropping multiple threats. Jorstedt was soon facing down Suntail Hawk, Beloved Chaplain, Glory and Tireless Tribe. While most of them were little dorks there were a lot of them and Jeudon also had a Divine Sacrament to boost their power.

Jorstedt took five from an attack going to 9. He decided to go aggro by pitching Wonder to a Mongrel, turning it white and also putting Jeudon to 9. Then it was the Frenchman's turn to think carefully. Jorstedt had Aquamoeba, Mongrel and Rootwalla and an unknown card in hand. Jeudon sent in Glory and the unblockable Chaplain, leaving the Hawk and Tribe back to hold the fort.

Turn passed to Jorstedt who thought for a while.

"So hard," the Swede said.

He used Aether Burst to remove both blockers and then swung with all three creatures, sacrificing a Centaur Garden to boost the Rootwalla and hopefully putting lethal damage on the stack. Jeudon could have had Aether Burst or Prismatic Strands but it turned out all he had was a hand full of land.

"So afraid of Prismatic Strands," Jorstedt said afterwards.

Mattias Jorstedt beat Florent Jeudon 2-0

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