Round 6 Feature Match: Marco Blume vs Bob Maher

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These are the kind of players that you would expect to see at 5-0 in a Grand Prix. Both are former Pro Tour champions (in Marco's case with a little help from his friend Kai Budde), and both are looking for a sixth win which will secure their place in the second day.

They are both running blue-black decks, Bob has Zombie Infestations to go with his Upheavals and Marco has Psychatogs.

Game 1

Both players kept their hand and started with an Island (sadly not an uncommon beginning to games during this Grand Prix). On turn two Bob played a Zombie Infestation and discarded two Deep Analysis, a Chainer's Edict and an Innocent Blood. Marco cast a Compulsion, and then took four from Bob's Zombie army. To compound Marco's problems, Bob cast Standstill. Marco cast Innocent Blood, which killed one of the Zombies but gave Bob three more cards to get replacements. After a couple of turns of Zombies attacking and Bob flashing back Deep Analysis Marco was on eight life, and the Aether Burst that he fetched with a Cunning Wish was countered, yet another Zombie being created in the process. That was quite enough for Marco, who scooped up his cards.

Bob 1 - Marco 0

Both players tried to take out as many black removal spells as they could and bring in card drawing spells. Bob had to put Shadowmage Infiltrators into his deck, despite the fact that they are far from great in this matchup, in order to remove the Innocent Bloods. He also brought in a Skeletal Scrying and a Flash of Insight, which were somewhat better. Marco brought in multiple Skeletal Scryings and Zombie Infestations, which would give him a much better chance after sideboarding. Both players agreed that Bob had a big advantage before sideboarding, and that his draw wasn't bad either.

Game 2

This time it was Marco who played an Infestation on the second turn, but saw his token Aether Bursted before it could do any damage. Each player took it in turn to play Deep Analysis, Marco's was Circular Logic-ed, and Bob resolved one and had another Syncopated. Marco also got a Compulsion into play. He also managed to cast Skeletal Scrying for four cards, while Bob played a Compulsion. Marco made some Zombies, but Bob Aether Bursted them away. Both players then started to cycle through their decks with Compulsion, but Bob had five cards to Marco's three as a result of resolving more Deep Analyses and killing off the Zombies. He got a Zombie Infestation into play, more to see if Marco had any counters or not then for what it could do on its own, and then when both players had eight land, tried a Skeletal Scrying for five, choosing not to remove his own Aether Bursts from the graveyard (after the game Bob reckoned this was a mistake - it was intended to make Marco feel safe about letting Bob cast Upheaval). Marco couldn't let the Scrying resolve, but the ensuing counter war left him tapped out. On the next turn Bob cast Upheaval and made six Zombies. Marco discarded two Aether Bursts, and hoped to draw one more to enable him to Burst all the Zombies away, but instead he drew a Swamp and the Zombies got him.

Final result: Bob Maher 2, Marco Blume 0

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