Round 8 Feature Match: Nicholas Labarre vs Jelger Wiegersma

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Just one more round for these players before they can go and have a rest before Sunday's play. Both have had a rather nice day, and the winner will retain a 100% record for the day.

Game 1

Jelger started and played a Mountain and a Jackal Pup...

Sorry, was just hallucinating there (it's been a long day...) In fact they both started with a Swamp, to begin the mono-black mirror match. This is apparently the 1,000,000th time that two mono-black control decks have faced each other in this format. What's meant to happen is that cards such as Rancid Earth, Mind Sludge, Skeletal Scrying and Haunting Echoes are key to winning the game. Jelger obviously didn't hear about that, and cast a turn 2 Nantuko Shade that Nicholas didn't remove. The Shade swung for five and then for six as Nicholas just continued playing Swamps. On the fifth turn, Nicholas used Mutilate to off the Shade, but Jelger summoned another on his next turn, which Nicholas removed with Innocent Blood. On the next turn Jelger continued the beats with a Faceless Butcher, and the turn after offed Nicholas' Shade with a Chainer's Edict. Nicholas cast Skeletal Scrying for two cards, and then used Tainted Pact to get a Diabolic Tutor and tutored. Jelger attacked Nicholas with the Butcher, and Nicholas cast Scrying again to draw two more cards, reducing himself to three life. Nicholas cast Haunting Echoes, and while he was searching Jelger showed him that he was holding Laquatus's Champion. Nicholas spent a little while looking through Jelger's deck, and then packed up his cards.

Wiegersma 1-0 Labarre

Both brought in the Braids and Mesmeric Fiends for game two, and interestingly both left Haunting Echoes in their sideboard, which was rather surprising. Jelger revealed that he had never experienced the unadulterated joy that comes from playing the mono black mirror match before, not that that seems to have done him any harm.

Game 2

Nicholas chose to play first, and took a mulligan. His next hand had Mesmeric Fiend, Rancid Earth and Braids, but only one Swamp. After a little think, he got rid of that as well and kept his five cards. He was less than gruntled to discover that Jelger was happy with his seven cards, and his turn two Mesmeric Fiend revealed that Jelger had three Swamps, a Cabal Coffers and two Nantuko Shades in his hand. Jelger topdecked an Innocent Blood to kill the Fiend on the next turn, releasing his Nantuko Shade. On turn three Nicholas had to cast Tainted Pact in his main phase to find a Swamp, which Jelger got rid of with a Rancid Earth. Nicholas missed his next land drop and made another Fiend, taking one of Jelger's Shades. Jelger cast the other one and started to attack. Nicholas still couldn't draw another land, and Jelger's Tainted Pact revealed a Zombie Infestation, which would make the Shade near impossible to remove as all Nicholas' Mutilates were sitting in his sideboard. He compounded the Frenchman's misery with a second Nantuko Shade.

Down to ten life Nicholas finally got a fourth land and cast a Faceless Butcher taking one of the Shades. Jelger's next turn was devastating, as he swung with his Shade, forcing a chump block by the Butcher, and then summoned Braids. Facing 2 Shades and a Braids, Nicholas died in short order.

Jelger Wiegersma 2, Nicholas Labarre 0

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