Round 9 Feature Match: Gérard Garcia vs Pedro Velhinho

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After the dust from Day 1 had settled four players remained unbeaten at the top of the rankings. Gérard Garcia of France and Pedro Velhinho of Portugal. Garcia has a previous Pro Tour appearance at New Orleans. The Frenchman is running a black-blue Braids beatdown deck and his disruption should give him an advantage against Velhinho's slower black control deck.

Garcia went first and a turn two Mesmeric Fiend revealed Velhinho had kept a two land hand with expensive spells like Mirari and Haunting Echoes. There was also a Nantuko Shade and Innocent Blood. Garcia took the Blood. From there he quickly took control of the game by casting Shadowmage Infiltrator and turn four Braids.

Velhinho tried to race with two Nantuko Shades but one died to Edict and he was forced to sacrifice the second to Braids. A Rancid Earth on one of the Portuguese player's swamps put him under a Braids lock and he conceded soon afterwards.

Garcia 1-0 Velhinho

Velhinho started with a turn 1 Cabal Therapy and hit, taking Chainer's Edict. He followed it up with a Mesmeric Fiend, taking Garcia's fiend and leaving him with Infiltrator, Braids and Aether Burst.

Garcia passed his third turn and Velhinho destroyed his only blue source with Rancid Earth. This allowed Garcia to return the Fiend with Aether Burst and then steal it with his own.

Velhinho tutored, which gave Garcia an opportunity to gain an edge in the game with Braids. She ended up being just an Avalanche Riders as Velhinho killed both his guys with Innocent Blood and Chainer's Edict.

Garcia kept coming at the Portuguese player as he started drawing cards off an Infiltrator and got an Ichorid going.

A Mutilate cleared the board and Velhinho combined Cabal Therapy with Mesmeric Fiend to remove a second Infiltrator from Garcia's hand. Garcia pulled a Fiend and revealed Velhinho had an answer to the Ichorid in Haunting Echoes but was shy a land of casting it. He found a land but had to lay a Nantuko Shade instead to match Garcia's.

At seven life Velhinho was in real trouble. His own Shade was forced to chump block Garcia's but he was down to 3 and facing down Shade, Fiend and an Ichorid he could do nothing about. He looked at another card and then offered his hand.

Gérard Garcia beat Pedro Velhinho 2-0

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