Quarterfinals: Christoph Haim vs Craig Stevenson

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Christoph is something of an expert with this block, having followed up a top eight in Osaka with his fine finish today. Craig is the last, best hope of the English. Christoph has the ever-popular blue-green deck, while Craig is running the new ‘Pirates’ deck, a mono-black beatdown deck featuring stellar cards such as Crypt Creeper and Millikin.

Game One

Christoph started with a double mulligan, while Craig had to go down to six cards.Each played a second turn creature, Aquamoeba for Christoph and Millikin for Craig. Craig used a Chainer's Edict to get rid of the Aquamoeba, whereas Haim used an Aether Burst to return Millikin and stop Craig from casting Braids, which would have been devastating.

The Millikin was replayed, whilst Christoph cast Wild Mongrel. This allowed him to Circular Logic the Braids. Haim Aether Bursted his own Mongrel to avoid Chainer's Edict. Stevenson then cast Crypt Creeper and had enough mana to flash back Edict on the Mongrel.

The Frenchman cast Careful Study putting Wonder in his graveyard and putting Arrogant Wurm into play. As usual for the deck, Craig had Slithery Stalker. An Aquamoeba was also Edicted which left Haim out of threats. When the Englishman topdecked a Nantuko Shade, Christoph had a two turn clock to find something. His draws of land didn’t cut it.

Game Two

Christoph had to take a double mulligan in the second game. Stevenson cast Cabal Therapy trying to hit a Wild Mongrel, but all Haim had after the mulligans was a Study and a Phantom Centaur. Craig made a second turn Nantuko Shade, while Haim’s Study found a Basking Rootwalla.

The Rootwalla was Edicted, and Nantuko Shade swung in for three, and then six as Haim missed another land drop. He tried to swing again, but Haim had an Aether Burst, and the topdecked a Centaur Garden to play Wild Mongrel. Craig’s Edict was Circular Logiced. Stevenson made an error then by tapping out to make a Millikin, which allowed the Mongrel to be enchanted by Psionic Gift, killing the Shade.

Craig snuffed out hopes of a comeback with a Faceless Butcher, and Innocent Blooded Haim’s only blocker as the Butcher rode to victory in four turns.

Craig Stevenson 2 – Christoph Haim 0

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