Semifinals: Jakub Slemr (CZE) versus Craig Stevenson (ENG)

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This match-up is probably in Jakub’s favor, especially after sideboarding since Craig has no way of dealing with the Squirrel Nest, but he showed that anything can happen in this game by defeating Christophe Haim in the quarter-finals sporting a very similar deck, except with Bearscape rather than Squirrel Nest.

Game One

Jakub won the dice roll and got a very nice start, Careful Study put a Rootwalla into play and then he dropped second turn Standstill. Craig had to break it of course, and he did so with a second turn Millikin. Jakub followed up with a Nimble Mongoose and a Werebear on only his third turn.

Craig played a third turn Braids partly to help slow the beatings. Jakub just attacked with everything and when his Mongoose was blocked he used a Mental Note to gain threshold, keeping his Mongoose alive now that it had threshold. Craig went down to eleven from this attack.

The Englishman played a second Braids; but he couldn’t deal with the thresholded creatures who killed him in two turns.

Game Two

Once again Jakub had a first turn Basking Rootwalla via a Careful Study, the Englishman made a Millikin rather than a Mesmeric Fiend with a view to playing an early Braids. The only argument against this was that Craig had better to hope Jakub didn’t have a Squirrel Nest.

Slemr made a second turn Werebear and the Braids came into play. He Aether Bursted the Mesmeric Fiend while making a second Werebear. Craig could only replay his Millikin and when the Werebears attacked he didn’t block with Braids, fearing a Mental Note. That’s what happened anyway and the attack knocked Stevenson down to eleven.

On his turn he played a Mesmeric Fiend taking Careful Study, and cast a Nantuko Shade, but he overlooked the fact that Jakub had a Centaur Garden in play, and didn’t block, taking lethal damage. It didn’t really matter as there was no way he could have stayed alive for more than a couple of turns – he only had three Swamps in play so if his next card had been Mutilate it still wouldn’t have killed the Werebears.

Jakub Slemr 2 – Craig Stevenson 0

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