Feature Match Round 11: Helmut Summersberger vs. Diego Ostravich

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Diego Ostavich, from Argentina, is another stopover from World’s that has helped to make this Grand Prix a truly international tournament. His opponent, Helmut Summersberger, is one of the top Austrian players. He made the semi’s here two years ago.

Ostravich is running Goblins while Summersberger is going with a more unconventional deck. It is mono-white, but is slightly more aggressive with both Whipcorders and White Knights.

Ostravich won the die roll and went first. His Goblin deck didn’t get a quick start with no creatures on turn one and two. Summersberger brought out a Whipcorder and that was sufficient dissuasion to keep Ostravich’s War Chief at home on the next turn.

Summersberger dropped Dragon Scales on the Whipcorder to commence beats while Ostravich’s next turn was explosive. A second War Chief allowed him to cast two Sharpshooters for a mana apiece.

Summerberger brought out a Dawn Elemental to mount some kind of defence against Ostravich’s ominous board position.

Next turn saw the Whipcorder get Incinerated and a second Incinerator and Piledriver poured into the redzone. Dawn Elemental took a Piledriver. Ostravich wasn’t bothered, Goblins are expendable anyway and he got to shoot the Austrian for two every time one died.

Another repeat attack lost a War Chief but left Summerberger at four as he tried to dig for answers.

Vengeance was a little too late. Sharpshooters shot him down to two and a third War Chief rushed in to deliver the finishing blow on the following turn.

Ostravich 1-0 Summerberger

Ostravich had to mulligan and his early offence, a Sledder, was blunted by a White Knight. Summersberger dropped a morph on turn 3 and then sadly missed his fourth land. A Dragon Scales was dropped on what was presumably a facedown Exalted Angel to put it out of range of Ostravich’s Sharpshooter.

Next turn didn’t bring that vital fourth land either and so the angel stayed facedown. A second White Knight appeared and stood by as a Clickslither zipped in for three.

Summersberger was at 17. Next turn he was offering his hand in concession. The reason: Siege-Gang Commander. Ostravich cast the commander and sent in the Clickslither. In concert with the Sharpshooter it would do a lot of damage to Summerberger.

We didn’t get to find out how much as the Austrian scooped, showing the facedown angel he’d not had the 4th land to unmorph.

Diego Ostravich beat Helmut Summersberger 2-0

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