Feature Match Round 9: Jose Barbero vs. Marc Le Campion

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Both these players ran the tables yesterday to finish with perfect 8-0 records. Barbero, the Argentinean National Champion and top 8’er from PT Yokohama, had 3 byes. Marc Le Champion, the amateur from Paris, had zero. Le Campion had travelled to London for the last two Grand Prix only to miss out on day two. This tournament marks his last chance to take advantage of his amateur status as he is currently qualified for Pro Tour Boston.

Both players are running Goblins so this match should be short, brutal and very bloody.

Barbero won the coin flip and elected to start. He opened with a Goblin Sledder and followed with a Piledriver. Le Campion began with a Skirk Prospector and then thought for a bit on his second turn. He chose to cycle a Gempalm Incinerator to kill the Piledriver. Barbero decided he wanted to keep the Sledder alive rather than sac it to save the Piledriver.

Barbero rushed in on turn 3 with a Warchief. Le Campion only had a bunch of Prospectors and Sledders. The following turn was catastrophic for the Frenchman as Barbero summoned a Sharpshooter, the War Chief gave it Haste and all of a sudden Le Campion had no little guys in play.

He rebounded from the ropes with a Clickslither only for a hasted Siege Gang Commander to smash him back to the canvas.

Barbero 1-0 Le Campion

Game 2 wasn’t quite as fast. No turn one goblins appeared for either player. Le Campion made the first moves with a Piledriver on turn 2. He summoned a War Chief to take advantage of Barbero’s empty board only for a cycled Incinerator to toast it.

Le Campion returned fire on Barbero’s Sharpshooter as the Piledriver continued to nibble away for an unimpressive one a turn. First real blood came on the following turn as a Clickslither zipped in. Le Campion missed a fourth land but brought out a Sharpshooter.

Unfortunatel Barbero’s monsters were a little out of shooting range as a Menacing Ogre brought out the pen and paper. Barbero won the bid 3 to 2 and the Clickslither was joined by a 5/5 haste monster.

Le Campion, still missing a fourth land had to expend a lot of resources just to kill the Ogre. Shock, Incinerator and Sharpshooter in combination brought it down, but this tapped out the Frenchman and a Rorix finally busted him open on the following turn.

Jose Barbero beat Marc Le Campion 2-0

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