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Sealed Deck Analysis

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The letter A!h... La France...

Jeroen Remie - Gangsta Style!Getting up early. Well, not too early, since some of our travel companions knocked on our door this morning in an attempt to wake us up.

Getting breakfast. Well, I got some cookies from my best friend; that'll do for breakfast for the next few hours.

Getting to the site.

Must be a Grand Prix in town...

I wake up for the second time when Jeroen Remie takes the seat next to me. He is my target for a sealed deck analysis. Jeroen made top-8 at Worlds in the 02-03 season, only to lose to the champ Daniel Zink and started the 03-04 season pretty good too; 11th in Grand Prix Atlanta. His team did not make day 2 in Boston, but he is very confident for today.

To impress opponents even more, Jeroen will do this Grand Prix "Gangsta Style"; he has about 2 kilos of gold around his neck and wears a red Reebok t-shirt of the Alanta Falcons.

He first makes 7 piles: Colors, mono color artifacts and crap. The artifacts with colored activation costs go with each of their colors. He mentions the Loxodon Warhammer. According to Jeroen they reprinted both Rancor and Armadillo Cloak in the Warhammer and made it a bit better too, due to the fact it's an equipment.

Black and white are not his colors for today, while green, blue and red are ok. That gives him a pool of 28 good and playable cards. He thinks out loud:

"My deck is pretty cheap, so I might play 16 lands; 1 Copper Myr and 1 Talisman of Impulse will be of enough help to my mana base. Also, 2 spellbombs (the red and the blue one) will make sure I don't screw too much."

Friends of Jeroen know that he likes his creatures BIG. His only fat are Myr Enforcer and Trolls of Tel-Jilad.

As for artifact destruction: 2 Annuls, Deconstruct and Goblin Replica are all he has.

With about 15 minutes in Construction Time, Jeroen decides Blue and Green are his main colors.

Red as a splash gives Jeroen the Replica and the Pyrite Spellbomb, so he gets his white from the board. Maybe that will give him a little more than his red.

With red as a splash, he has a deck of 24 cards, but he's still thinking about his White options; White gives him a Taj-Nar Swordsmith to find him the Warhammer and could also be a viable splash.

What he DOES know: Regress, Turn to Dust and Lumengrid Sentinel plus one of the Annuls will go to the sideboard, but will be moved to the maindeck a lot today...

A decision has been made with about 8 minutes on the clock: white will stay in the sideboard and the next three rounds (byes) will be used to playtest whether it will see play today.

One of the main reasons Jeroen stays with 2 main colors (green/blue) and a splash (red) is that he thinks his deck is not too slow now. When he will run into a fast red/green deck today, he will be fine and when he runs into slower decks, the sideboard plan of White will occur.

The deck Jeroen is going to register:

Jeroen will only have to do a 4-2 today, since he has three byes. His deck is pretty ok, so he feels confident.

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