Lionel Perin vs Amiel Tenenbaum

Round 10 Feature Match:

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In this all French matchup, Lionel was still undefeated in the tournament while Amiel already had one loss. The draft went rather well for Amiel though, receiving two Loxodon Warhammers – the card everyone wants to have in this format.

Game 1

The letter A!miel won the toss, but had to mulligan his opening hand due to a lack of lands. He started off by making a turn two Iron Myr, following it up with a third and fourth turn Skyhunter Cub. Lionel tried to stop the beatings with a Cobalt Golem but Amiel had a Pearl Shard to make sure he could still send the white cat knights into the red zone. Lionel had a Myr Enforcer to play on his fifth turn, thanks to an Ancient Den, but Amiel played an Auriok Transfixer to deal with the big blue Myr.

Lionel played a Soul Foundry on his turn, imprinting it with Moriok Scavenger. Amiel didn't have an answer to it but Lionel didn't have to use the rare artifact just yet. A Pewter Golem came down for the undefeated player and he saw his Myr Enforcer tapped by Auriok Transfixer. Amiel drew his second plains and that enabled him to cast Altar's Light on the Soul Foundry, netting a nice two for one trade.

Lionel decided it was time for him to start attacking, and sent Pewter Golem into the Red Zone and played a Goblin War Wagon. Amiel mentioned he'd like to draw his Warhammers at some point this game, but instead the top of his deck brought him a Tel-Jilad Archers, which wasn't the worst thing to draw there. The Archers attacked next turn and took Lionel down to 12 life. Lionel activated his Stalking Stones and made a Bonesplitter and declared his attack. After Amiel tapped down the Goblin War Wagon, Lionel passed the turn. Amiel's next turn made the game look good for him – Loxodon Warhammer came down and equipped one of Amiel's Skyhunter Cubs. Lionel had an Irradiate for the Cub but there was another one about to come flying over.

As a last ditch effort Lionel equipped his Cobalt Golem with Bonesplitter and sent all of his creatures charging towards Amiel. This took Amiel down to 3 life after he blocked Lionel's Pewter Golem with his Archers. A Betrayal of Flesh with entwine finished off Amiel's other Skyhunter Cub and suddenly the game didn't look quite as good for him. He had a Blinding Beam to keep Lionel's creatures tapped down for a turn though, giving him a chance to catch up anyway. Still the Pewter Golem and Goblin War Wagon attacked, forcing Amiel to chumpblock with his Auriok Transfixer. Soldier Replica came down in an attempt to stop Lionel's attacks but it wasn't enough as Lionel had an Aether Spellbomb to make sure his next attack was lethal.

Amiel 0 – Lionel 1

Game 2

This game had a little less early action, with the first creature being Amiel's third turn Soldier Replica. After that the action settled down a bit, with Amiel's fourth turn Pearl Shard not making the game look very impressive. Lionel had a Soul Foundry and imprinted Flayed Nim on it, and it looked like he might finally get some creatures into play. Pewter Golem hit for him next, but Amiel had a Myr Enforcer out already, and it took Lionel down to 14 life. Titanium Golem was up next for Amiel, keeping the pressure on Lionel.

The Enforcer and Golem hit again next turn, but this time the Pewter Golem blocked Amiel's Enforcer. Amiel's Pearl Shard made sure the Enforcer survived. Lionel's first turn Leonin Scimitar was finally put some good use as it equipped his Flayed Nim token, but it still wasn't enough to keep Amiel at bay. His Enforcer and Golem rushed straight through but his Titanium Golem fell to an Irradiate, but as a result Lionel had to lose his Pewter Golem to Amiel's Soldier Replica. Unable to stop Lionel's Soul Foundry, Amiel had to settle for a Loxodon Punisher while Lionel kept on making more Flayed Nims. A Neurok Spy also came down for Lionel, putting Amiel in a tough spot. Amiel's Myr Enforcer was chumpblocked by a Flayed Nim and Lionel just made a new one, while Amiel added a Skyhunter Patrol to his board.

Lionel's Nim charged into the Patrol next turn and his Neurok Spy took Amiel down to 17 lfe. On his next turn, Amiel attacked with his Punisher, Patrrol and Enforcer, taking Lionel down to 5 life after he saw his Loxodon Punisher blocked. Undaunted, Lionel retaliated with a Flayed Nim and his Neurok Spy, taking Amiel down to 10. Amiel drew a Viridian Longbow, which could be enough to finish Lionel off. Together with a Predator's Strike this was enough to finish Lionel off.

Amiel 1 – Lionel 1

Game 3

For the final game it was Lionel who had to take a mulligan. As a result it was Amiel with the first play of the game – a third turn Skyhunter Cub. A Viridian Longbow made sure the Cub would fly over Lionel's fourth turn Cobalt Golem. Also his Myr Enforcer wasn't about to stop the Cub, but it was a good answer, providing Lionel with some pressure of his own. It was enough for Amiel to not attack with his Skyhunter Cub, but Lionel had an Arrest for it, taking Amiel down to 12 life already. Amiel had a Myr Enforcer of his own, but decided not to trade it for Lionel's when he attacked with it. Lionel added a Goblin War Wagon to his side of the board afterwards.

Loxodon Warhammer came down for Amiel and equipped his Myr Enforcer, which went unblocked when it attacked. Irradiate finished it off though, and Lionel's beasts retaliated, taking Amiel down to 6 life. The best Amiel could muster on his turn was a Rustspore Ram that had to destroy one of his own equipment – the Viridian Longbow. A Betrayal of Flesh made sure Amiel had to burn his Blinding Beam to survive that turn, but he couldn't afford to pay the Entwine cost on it. Amiel played another creature, but Lionel had an Aether Spellbomb to make sure his forces were going to finish off Amiel next turn.

Final Result: Amiel 1 – Lionel 2

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