Jelger Wiegersma vs Yann Hamon

Round 12 Feature Match:

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A rematch of round 12 of GP London. Jelger won that match but ended up barely missing top 8 whereas Yann made it all the way to the finals before losing to visiting South American Diego Ostrovich. Both are 9-1-1 right now and in a great position to make it to the final eight once more with the winner of this match only needing three more points to make it.

Game 1

The letter Y!ann won the toss and chose to play and both players mulliganed. A Liar's Pendulum for Yann would make for some fun guessing games as he activated it on turn 2 for Mountain with a Plains and a Forest in play. Jelger called his bluff and said no. He was correct. Yann did have a Great Furnace though giving him all his colors on turn 3. Jelger in the meanwhile was building up his board with a Mask of Memory and a Serum Tank to give him some extra card drawing power. A Turn to Dust and a Shatter took care of that and all Jelger had afterwards was a Wizard Replica to Yann's freshly summoned Needlebug.

The Liar's Pendulum got a Creeping Mold from Jelger after guessing wrong twice and both players were left with very little cards in hand after their mulligans and the artifact destruction war. A French Goblin Dirigible got countered by the Replica and Jelger's Fangren Hunter looked great. Until Yann imprinted his Isochron Scepter with a Predator's Strike that is. Suddenly the Needlebug could take down the Hunter as well as race him effectively. Yann chose to race as he was slightly up on life. A Troll Ascetic off the top made the damage race academical as Jelger's Crystal Shard couldn't target any of Yann's creatures.

The Ascetic got equipped with Vulshok's Gauntles though and Jelger topdecked the perfect card for the situation. A Looming Hoverguard! It got rid of the Scepter and left the Troll firmly locked under the Gauntlets while giving Jelger the option to thoroughly abuse his Crystal Shard. Yann got Time Walked the next few turns as first his Artifact Lands and then his Needlebug returned to the top of his library leaving Jelger's Hoverguard to dominate the Red Zone. It only took the flier three turns to finish Yann off.

Jelger 1 – Yann 0

Game 2

Yann once again chose to play and this game got underway with no mulligans on either side. A Liar's Pendulum for Yann would make for some more fun guessing games as Yann started working it on turn 2 and revealed he didn't have his third color, Red, but he did have Troll Ascetic and Goblin Dirigible. Jelger accelerated into a third turn Crystal Shard and a fourth turn Fangren Hunter. Yann one-upped him with an Isochron Scepter once again imprinted with Predator's Strike.

A Looming Hoverguard got rid of it again and proved to be another great nuisance this game with the Shard backing it up. To make matters worse Yann was stuck on four lands and he wasn't going to draw any anytime soon with the Hoverguard doing it's thing. The Ascetic continued to beat and Yann finally ran out of Artifacts to bounce but he was now under a three turn clock from the Hoverguard without any defense to speak of. A Needlebug couldn't save him and without lands Yann couldn't help but die.

Final Result: Jelger 2 – Yann 0

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