Pierre Malherbaud vs Frederic Courtois

Round 12 Feature Match:

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The letter T!his all-french match is between two of France finest: Pierre Malherbuad and Frederic Courtois. Both of them are at a 8-3 record, and their decks are 1-1 in this draft.

Pierre won the die roll, and kicked off with a mana Myr and Krark-Clan Grunt. Frederic started this game with an Aether Spellbomb and Lighting Greaves. He decided to make it an interesting game by playing a potentially suicidal Dross Harvester. Lighting Greaves made it possible to attack for 4 right away. Pierre attacked with his Grunt, and played Shatter on the Lighting Greaves. He then mumbled something in French, tapped three mana, and played Arrest on the Dross Harvester. But Frederic reminded him that it had protection from white, so the Arrest was an illegal play. Frederic asked if Pierre could do anything else with his three mana, but Pierre argued that the mana shouldn't be in his pool since his Arrest was an illegal play. They called over a judge, who called over his team leader, who called over the head judge. He ruled (in French, so I didn't understand most of it) that Pierre didn't have to take mana burn.

After this whole situation was resolved, it was time for Frederic to take his turn. He played a mana Myr, Frogmite, and attacked with Dross Prowler. Pierre now had a legal target for his Arrest: the Frogmite. His Krark-Clan Grunt was chumpblocked by the Myr, providing 2 life for Frederic. Frederic's attack made the life totals 11-8 in his favor, and he played a Clockwork " Lava Axe" Condor. Pierre had another Arrest for that creature, and attacked with his Myr and the Grunt. That attack would take Frederic down to 4. He didn't like that idea with a Dross in play, so he bounced the Grunt with his Aether Spellbomb. But Frederic had nothing left to do the last damage, and died two turns later to his Dross.

Pierre 1 – Frederic 0

Game 2

Frederic kicked off with, yet again, a turn 2 Lighting Greaves. Pierre made a mana Myr, which immediately got Dominated by Frederic. Pierre had a Shatter for the Lightning Greaves, and added an Atog and Vulshok Gauntlets to the board. Frederic Terrored the Atog to leave Pierre creatureless. That Terror was the last spell to be played in a while: Frederic only had creature removal in his hand, and Pierre was stuck on 6 mountains and a Vulshok Gauntlets in play and 4 white cards in his hand.
Frederic attacked with his (or actually, Pierre's) Myr for a couple of turns. Eventually he drew Thirst for Knowledge, netting him three new cards. He added Clockwork Condor and Somber Hoverguard to the board to put on some pressure. Pierre's next draw steps provided him with a second Vulshok Gauntlets and Mountain. Shaking his head, he scooped.

Frederic 1 –Pierre 1

Game 3

Pierre played first, but had to start off with a mulligan to 5. Frederic's Myr accelerated him into a 1/1 Nim Shrieker, while Pierre made Yotian Soldier and Atog. Great, 4 one-power creatures on the board: we're in for a fast game here. Frederic played Clockwork Condor and served with his 2/1 Shrieker. Pierre had an Arrest for it.

Frederic had another Clockwork Condor, which was destroyed by Soul Nova. Frederic wasn't out of gas though: Somber Hoverguard and an Aether Spellbomb to turn his 1/1 Condor into a 3/3 again. The flyers came in again and finished Pierre off, whose mulligan to 5 came back to haunt him.

Final Result: Frederic 2 – Pierre 1

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