Farid Meraghni vs Olivier Ruel

Round 13 Feature Match:

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The talk before the match was all about Clockwork Beetle. Olivier showed the card from his deck to Farid, who bursts out in near maniacal laughter. The crowd was also very enthusiastic about this great one drop.

Game 1

The letter F!arid won the toss and chose to play first, dropping a Pyrite spellbomb on his first turn. Up next was a Bonesplitter for Olivier and a Leonin Scimitar for Farid, who also sacrificed his Spellbomb in order to draw into more land. An Isochron Scepter imprinted with Shrapnel Blast was his second turn play, but he didn't have an extra land. Neurok Spy was Olivier's threat, which Farid tried to match with an Alpha Myr. With three artifacts in play, he had 15 damage on the board already. Olivier played a Solumn Simulacrum, fetching his final land – a mountain – to match his three islands and a swamp.

Farid's Alpha Myr hit the red zone, bringing Olivier down to 18 life. Farid played his third land and Deconstructed Olivier's Bonesplitter, and used the mana to sacrifice his Leonin Scimitar and drop Olivier to 13 life. Domineer was Olivier's answer to the Alpha Myr, saving him about 7 more damage probably. An Atog joined the Alpha Myr and Olivier definitely had the creature advantage. Farid played a Copper Myr and passed the turn. Olivier continued his beatings and played out a Vermiculos and Wizard Replica. Goblin War Wagon made an appearance on Farid's side but it wasn't enough to stop the beatings.

Olivier 1 – Farid 0

Game 2

Farid came out of the gates quickly with an Alpha Myr and Goblin War Wagon on his second and fourth turns, but Olivier had a third turn Neurok Spy and a Crystal Shard to severely hamper Farid's tempo. A Talisman of Unity, Deconstruct and Haematite Golem on Farid's turn changed all of that around again. Olivier played a Wizard Replica to keep the Alpha Myr at bay. The Replica wasn't tough enough to stop Farid's Haematite Golem though and the PT San Diego Champ added a Copper Myr to his side of the board after combat.

Olivier played and sacrificed a Chromatic Sphere, hoping out loud he would draw is Atog, but he wasn't quite that lucky. He did end up playing a Vermiculos though. Farid's Haematite Golem came in again, this time stopped by the Wizard Replica. Farid kept the pressure on by casting a Fangren Hunter. Olivier pumped his Vermiculos by playing a Skeleton Shard, activating it in order to bring back, and play his Wizard Replica. The 9/9 monster hit and was chump-blocked by Farid's Alpha Myr. Farid sent his guys charging again, and one Shrapnel Blast later and they were shuffling up for game 2.

Olivier 1 – Farid 1

Game 3

This time it was Olivier with the first play of the game, a Talisman of Dominance. It accelerated out a ... Wizard Replica. Farid had a Krark-Clan Grunt, tempting Olivier to counter it with his Replica but Olivier didn't fall for it. Pewter Golem was Olivier's answer to the Grunt, and a pretty good one at that. The Grunts hit and Farid played a regenerator of his own in Tel-Jilad Exile.

Olivier attacked with his Golem and Replica, and played out a Clockwork Condor and Somber Hoverguard. Farid still attacked with his guys and played a Myr after combat. Olivier retaliated and Farid blocked Olivier's Pewter Golem and sacrificed his Myr to a Shrapnel blast. Olivier had a Skeleton Shard and it sealed the game rather quickly.

Final Result: Olivier 2 – Farid 1

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