Kevin Desprez vs Loic Degrou

Round 14 Feature Match:

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These are the two unknown players who despite their lack of byes managed to rise to the top of the standings. Both are trying to make their first top 8 in their native country. Whoever wins this round is in. The player who loses will have to play next round and hope.

Game 1

Kevin won the toss and chose to play. Both players kept and we were off to the races. Kevin obviously knew his tricks as he kicked off with a Leonin Den-Guard and a Bonesplitter. An Alpha Myr looked like a rather poor answer. An Auriok Steelshaper on turn 3 fit into the equipment theme nicely, allowing Kevin to move the Bonesplitter around without paying mana. Loic got an unblockable threat on the board in a Neurok Spy but it still didn't seem to impressive against the Den-Guard Steelshaper tag team.

When Kevin didn't play a fourth land on turn four or five Loic had a chance to get back in the game somewhat. He Domineered Kevin's Yotian Soldier and played a four mana Myr Enforcer that could actually take out the Den-Guard. A Shatter ended its existence before it even had the chance though.

Still no land for Kevin but a Sun Droplet promised to shut down the Neurok Spy. Loic just played another Enforcer. Kevin had no direct way to deal with it so he had to stay back with his Den-Guard. He finally found his fourth land though and played a Clockwork Condor that could deal the final four damage with a little help from the Bonesplitter. Loic had a second Domineer to end those hopes and the game was back to a standstill. It stayed that way for several turns until Loic found a Spikeshot Goblin. Between the Neurok Spy and the pinger he could start the long long process of dealing one damage a turn against Kevin's Sun Droplet.

A Vulshok Gauntlets allowed Kevin to start sending his Den-Guard again but it was kind of fruitless against the Shard. In the meanwhile the Spy-Spikeshot team were slowly whittling away at Kevin's life total. He had nine more turns to draw an answer.
When Loic decided to send in the Condor and the Spy with Kevin at ten, Kevin decided the time was right to start doing something. He Blinding Beamed two of Loic's creatures leaving him with five untapped blockers. Then he sent in his team consisting of two Soldier tokens, Hematite Golem, Krark-Clan Grunt, a Leonin Den-Guard with Gauntlets, an unequipped Den-Guard, an Iron Myr and the Auriok Steelshaper with a Bonesplitter. Loic had a Yotian Soldier, a Cathodion, a Goblin War Wagon, an Alpha Myr and his Spikeshot Goblin left to block with and was on 4 life. He obviously took some time figuring out if and how he could survive the attack but the long pause turned up nothing and he conceded game 1.

Kevin 1 – Loic 0

Game 2

Loic decided to play first this game and was on the board first with an Aether Spellbomb and a Krark-Clan Grunt. Kevin answered with a Lightning Greaves and a Yotian Soldier. Quite a lot slower than last game. Loic was stuck on three but could still manage a Goblin Replica. Kevin's first Den-Guard found it's way into play and sent it in for two before playing a Vulshok Gauntlets.

Loic obviously needed his fourth land fast or he would quickly lose to the 6/6 monster. A Crystal Shard at least got he Yotian Soldier off the board as Loic decided he could take one hit before blowing up the Gauntlets with his Replica. He then attacked with his Grunt and Kevin blocked with his Den-Guard forcing Loic to lose both his Shard and his Spellbomb to take it down. A Skyhunter Patrol took its place and stayed back to keep the Grunt and the Replica at bay. The Yotian Soldier followed next accompanied by a Neurok Hoversail that didn't impact the game much at this point. The Patrol got his beat on and attacked for two leaving only the 1/4 back on defense against Loic's two Gray Ogres and his freshly summoned Goblin War Wagon. Loic attacked back for four and cycled two off color Spellbombs before settling on a red one. The Gauntlets found a new home on the Soldier with the Greaves protecting the artifact creature from any direct harm. Loic had nothing to add and the Neurok Hoversail sent the Soldier over the top for lethal damage the next turn.

Final Result: Game, match and a top 8 berth for Kevin Desprez.

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