Jelger Wiegersma vs Lionel Perin

Round 15 Feature Match:

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The letter J!elger is a well-known pro player from the Netherlands with a Pro Tour top 8 and multiple Grand Prix top 8s. He also told me that he is especially proud of his 4-8 record in Masters series. Lionel is a relatively unknown player from France who is hoping to make his breakthrough here. Only the winner of this match will make top 8. For Lionel there is also qualification for PT Amsterdam at stake.

Game 1

Lionel won the die roll and decided to play first, but Jelger had the first plays of the match: Auriok Transfixer and Leonin Den-Guard. Lionel put a halt to the offense with Wizard Replica, and Jelger completed his curve with Skyhunter Cub. Lionel's Titanium Golem got Deconstructed. Jelger kept tapping down the Wizard Replica, attacking for three in the meanwhile. No new spells were played for a while. When Lionels life total was down to 9, he decided that it was time to play Solar Tide.

Unfortunately Jelger was able to save his Skyhunter Cub with Predators Strike. Lionel had some gas left after the Wrath: Mirror Golem, Soldier Replica, and Skyhunter Cub. Jelger had an Arrest for the Mirror Golem, and topdecked Leonin Scimitar which turned his Skyhunter Cub into a 4/4 flyer. Lionel couldn't find a flyer, removal card, or equipment for his own Skyhunter Cub and had to concede.

Jelger 1 – Lionel 0

Game 2

Lionel chose to play first, but a no-land hand meant a mulligan to 6. Turn 1 Auriok Transfixer, turn 2 Auriok Bladewarden, turn 3 Yotian Soldier was a good curve for Jelger. Lionel showed that he didn't need mana curves, only a deadly combo: Skyhunter Cub and Loxodon Warhammer. Jelger added Goblin War Wagon and Dragon Blood to the board, but the racing plan didn't work out in the face of a 6-power Spirit linked flyer. A couple turns later, Lionel attacked for lethal damage.

Lionel: "Taking a mulligan makes people lucky"
Jelger: "Yeah, you should obviously always mulligan"

Jelger 1 – Lionel 1

Playing only one last game for a top 8 slot and lots of money made both players uncomfortable, so they agreed on a 20 percent money split.

Game 3

Jelger seems to like mana curves...turn 1 Auriok Transfixer, turn 2 Leonin Den Guard, turn 3 Gold Myr and Auriok Transfixer is not a bad start at all. Lionels Loxodon Warhammer seemed like it might be dominating just like last game, but Jelger had an Arrest for Lionel's only creature: Neurok Spy. Auriok Transfixer kept locking down an artifact land on Lionel's side every turn and made sure Lionel couldn't cast anything. He was color screwed and Jelger's quick curve quickly punished him for that.

Final Result: Game, match, and a top 8 berth to Jelger Wiegersma.

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