Robert Will vs Yann Hamon

Round 15 Feature Match:

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After two long days this is it. The final round. Winner makes top 8, loser makes top 16 at best. Yann Hamon is trying to continue his GP success after his second place performance at GP London while Robert Will is trying to make his first international top 8.

Game 1

The letter R!obert won the toss and decided to play. He kicked things off with a mulligan but he looked happy when he saw his next six. He showed his colors with a Mountain and a Forest but had no plays until turn 4 when he summoned a Tel-Jihad Exile. Yann didn't have anything going either with just an Icy Manipulator on the board. He did manage to cast two Thoughtcasts for one blue with a pair of Chromatic Spheres and an Artifact Land but all those cards didn't help him get any creatures in play. A Tel-Jihad Archers joined the Exile for Robert and the first damage of the game was dealt on turn 5.

On turn 6 Yann finally played an Arc Slogger that held off Robert's creatures for the next couple of turns. A Fangren Hunter for Robert and a Clockwork Vorrac for Yann couldn't manage to break the impasse and it seemed only a matter of time before Yann's extra cards from the Thoughtcasts and the mulligan were going to do Robert in. An Irradiate took care of the Archers and a Neurok Spy and a Cobalt Golem provided the extra pressure Yann was looking for. After two turns of attacking with his team the Slogger mercifully ended the life of the mana flooded Robert and the two players were on to Game 2.

Yann 1 – Robert 0

Game 2

It was Yann's time to mulligan although going second would help him recover his card disadvantage a litte. Robert started out this game fortifying his mana with a Talisman and a Journey of Discovery. Yann just made some cantrip artifacts with a Pyrite Spellbomb and a Chromatic Sphere. A Fangren Hunter was countered by Override and a Thoughtcast negated the mulligan a turn after. Robert finally got a creature to stick in Tel-Jihad Archers but Arc Slogger made a reappearance to stop it dead in its tracks.

A Tel-Jilad Chosen didn't seem too impressive a follow up although Yann's Cobalt Golem wasn't going anywhere as well. An Electrostatic Bolt took out the Chosen and a Goblin Replica traded with the Cobalt Golem bringing the board back to it's earlier composition. Yann was the first one to add a new threat with a Neurok Spy. Robert could only say go. A Clockwork Vorrac sealed the deal the next turn.

Final Result: Game, match and top 8 berth to Yann Hamon.

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